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Our Community at PINE

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  • The sense of community runs deep at The Pine School.

    We become like family, each deeply vested in the other’s success.
While students attending big public schools get lost in the crowd, our students have the chance to shine and grow together. And while our small-by-design make-up naturally creates opportunities for forming close bonds, we have developed a range of dynamic programs that foster real community spirit.

The Pine School’s Advisory Program matches students with a small group of grade-level students led by a dedicated faculty member. In addition to the groups growing together continuously through their Middle School and then Upper School years, each Advisory group has dedicated time weekly to meet as well as serving to provide a point-person faculty member for each student. Special bonding also starts each year as our Middle & Upper School students are given off-campus time to attend retreats for goal-setting and team building.

Another special community-building initiative is our Buddy Program - matching our older students with our youngest Knights. With many special combined activities planned each year, this initiative helps to make deep and meaningful connections through all areas of our School. There is nothing quite like watching our students of all ages working on a environmental project together or seeing the joy our 6th Graders express as they cheer on their 12th Grade buddies at the annual College Acceptance Pep Rally.
Ask any student or any parent to share what they find special and unique about The Pine School and you are sure to hear about our School community. We like to think this comes down to a simple understanding of mutual respect, connectedness, and thoughtfulness. These qualities seem to be inherent and their effect can be felt as soon as you walk onto campus.
The Pine School is an independent college preparatory school educating students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.