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  • Points of Great Pride for PINE

    Most schools can point to ways they offer leadership opportunities and uphold traditions but, at The Pine School, these are not just areas we check-off - these are points of great pride and receive the full attention they deserve.


Possunt Quia Posse Videntur is our School motto (taken from Virgil’s Aeneid) and it means: That Which Seems Possible Is Possible.

This sentiment describes The Pine School journey perfectly. We are a School of believers, where raw youth is honed into capability and confidence. We build, we encourage, we instruct, and we inspire, both our students and ourselves. We are forever improving, learning, and growing.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the character traits of our students - fostered by a complete commitment to ensuring each is exposed to leadership opportunities. We hear it all the time - our students speak in public confidently, they look you in the eye, and they take great pride in the way they present themselves.

This commitment starts in our youngest Grades, with students regularly speaking at weekly community meetings and presenting in the classroom.

Middle School students are charged with taking true ownership of collaborative projects - working together as well as confidently stating and championing their ideas. Additionally, Student Council officers and Advisory Representatives help suggest and plan MS specific activities and programs - such as dances and service projects.

Our Student Government in Upper School brings it all together. Focusing on specific areas of daily life at The Pine School (like Athletics, Arts, Enrollment, Student Life). Each senior leader co-ordinates groups of students (supported in each case by a faculty sponsor) and really set their own agendas and deliver on projects they take on.
By the time our students graduate, we take great pride in knowing that they are prepared to take on future challenges with a true sense of being - focused and confident.


While we take our academic pursuits at The Pine School very seriously, we also know that fun should always have a big presence in all we do. And boy, do we have fun!

Our traditions include a wide range of celebrations, meaningful events, and silly good times.

The best example of this, perhaps, are bookended by our kick-off Homecoming celebrations and the defining Field Day that wraps up our School year. Both events bring out the best of Knight pride and if you ever doubted whether we actually bleed blue & gold, just take in our Field Day tug-of-war battles. Homecoming also provides the platform for our Upper School grades to bond and work together on decided themes that are as amazingly displayed as they are creatively conceived. In the end, these momentous occasions best demonstrate all that is right with the way our students, faculty & parents truly love The Pine School.

Add to these our love of celebrating holidays in style and you’ll begin to understand the important ways that the closeness of our School community shapes what being a Knight is all about. Costume fun at Halloween, reverent respect during our Veterans Day assembly, spirited joy and thoughtful giving in November & December, and sing-a-grams on Valentine’s Day - they all add to the texture of our School year and they compliment the inspired creativity of our students.
The Pine School is an independent college preparatory school educating students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.