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Grades 5-12

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  • In a Word, Inspirational.

    The range of Arts classes and opportunities for our Upper & Middle School students is, in a word, inspirational. If you have an artistic passion, we will be able to help you take your skill to the next level.

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  • Visual Arts

    Middle School art is the exciting bridge between the basic design elements learned in the Lower School and the advanced practices taught in the Upper School. Students are encouraged to think with a critical mind, follow specific design objectives, and hone their craft in different art mediums and subjects. Students achieve success through the correct use and manipulation of materials: charcoal, pastel, acrylic paint, printmaking, ceramics, as well as more process-oriented projects: en plein aire watercolor painting, still- life observation drawings, and design collage.

    The biggest challenge for Upper School Visual Art students is deciding which of our amazing classes to choose. Studio Art, Ceramics, Photography, Graphic Design and Art History all offer exceptional instruction and settings to fully develop whatever you are passionate about. It is hard to step inside our painting studio and not be inspired. Likewise, our dedicated ceramics studio (complete with throwing wheels and kiln), allows students to experience and explore an artistic outlet they may have never tried before. 

    Whether just exploring an artistic interest or developing a portfolio for an AP Studio class, we will make sure you receive all the support and guidance needed.
  • Performing Arts

    Middle School provides the chance for students to begin exploring their musical interests. 5th-grade students have the opportunity to join both band and chorus in their first year of middle school. 6th-8th grade students then have a foundation to choose their performing arts ensemble of preference between band, chorus, and steel drum. 

    Upper School students can take those learned skills and apply them to a range of unique PINE performance ensembles - including Concert Band, The Pine School Jazz Ensemble or "The Knights of Steel" steel drum group.

    The primary focuses of our ensembles are performance and a love for music. Students are encouraged to perform at events throughout the school year, enter competitions, and take part in a range of honor assessments.
  • Annual Upper & Middle School Musicals

    The growing Performing Arts department also offers students opportunities to hone their skills on stage and behind the scenes.  The Middle School and Upper School come together to produce the annual musical.  Besides roles on stage, which enhance students’ confidence in their acting, singing, and dancing abilities, students also can assist in the many other aspects of a production - from stage management to more technical aspects such as lighting and costume/make-up design.  

    With the addition of our new Arts Center, productions and course offerings will continue to grow - providing additional opportunities for students in front and behind the stage.  This new space offers dedicated space for performing, sound and lighting, set design, and costume creation.  Graduates of The Pine School have been able to leverage their strong academic resumes with their performing arts experience to earn admission to some of the top performing arts universities in the country.
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