Tuition & FAQ

A Pine School Education Is An Enduring Value.

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  • Investing In Your Child’s Future.

    We understand that considering the investment of an Independent School education can be daunting, but we are serious about making a Pine School education affordable.

Weigh the Advantages

For the cost of a Pine School education, students receive personalized attention, purposefully small classes, faculty who are experts in their fields, unique opportunities to explore the world, superior college acceptance, and, as our Alumni prove, a future filled with powerful and personal accomplishment. The Pine School is an investment in a lifetime of success. 

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  • Kindergarten

  • Grades 1-2

  • Grades 3-4

  • Grades 5-8

  • Grades 9-12


Tom & Krissy McNicholas

“We love The Pine School! Our children have grown and matured within this amazing village of educators.  Although we were very concerned that this priceless experience would be beyond our budget, The Pine School worked with us continually to  make this an affordable sacrifice. We will forever be grateful Knights!”

Costs Included in Tuition

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  • Lower School

    All books, materials and activities as well as any costs associated with both on and off campus field trips, yearbook and most importantly a full service lunch!
  • Middle School

    On and off-campus education trips, activities, yearbook, participation on sports teams and PINE’s one-to-one device program for grades 5-8 and most importantly a full service lunch! 
  • Upper School

    On and off-campus education trips, activities, yearbook and participation on sports teams and most importantly a full service lunch!

Costs NOT Included in Tuition

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  • Lower School

    Transportation, uniforms and After Care Activities. 
  • Middle School

    Transportation, uniforms and some books
  • Upper School

    Transportation, uniforms, some books, AP testing, laptop, social events and optional athletics or arts uniform costs. 
This list is subject to change and may not be all inclusive.

Learn More

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

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  • How do I start the admission process?

    You can fill out an inquiry form online or call the Admission Office today to schedule a tour of the campus.  We also have a Fall Veterans Day Assembly/ Admissions Open House in November and other admission events in the Fall.  Additionally, by filling out an inquiry form or completing an application, you will automatically be added to our database.  The Admission Team sends out monthly email updates to all of our prospective families.  This is a great way to stay up to date with all things PINE.
  • How do I apply to The Pine School?

    The application process is easy to do!  Simply click on the Apply Now button to begin.  You will need to open a myPine account and proceed from there.  Once complete, you will receive an automated email from our Admission Team thanking you for submitting the online application and alerting you to next steps, like scheduling a shadow day.  With myPINE you can upload report cards, standardized test scores, birth certificates, etc..  You can, as well, request teacher recommendations directly from the portal.
  • Do you offer personal tours?

    Yes, in addition to our Fall Open House and other admission events, we also offer personalized tours during the school year, in the summer months and if you are visiting from out of town and only here during a holiday, we can often accommodate you for a tour at that time as well.  Of course, the best time to see PINE is when our students and teachers are in action during the school day.  Call today to get on the Admission Calendar ASAP / 772-675-7005.
  • What is enrollment at PINE?

    Total enrollment for K through 12th grade is currently 490.
  • What if I want to meet with a particular teacher or coach?

    Absolutely!  We would love to tailor your visit to make it the most personal for you.  Just let us know ahead of time and we will make arrangements for you to meet with whomever you wish. 
  • What if I don’t live in the area, do you offer a virtual option?

    Yes of course!  During COVID, we became experts at offering a virtual experience for our prospective families.  It is best, if you can make an in-person visit but if that is not possible, we will happily arrange a Google Meet or Zoom call at your convenience. 
  • Is the Admission Office open in the summertime?

    Summertime can be quite a busy time on campus if you can believe it!  Between summer camps and renovations, tutoring and campus cleanups - the summer months, though more casual, are very active.  Again, a visit during the school year is best, but if you need to follow up on your application and have a question about the upcoming School year, the Admission Office is open and ready to answer your questions.  We may be in shorts and have our dogs by our desks, but we are here to help!
  • Are there waiting lists?

    Yes.  Each year The Pine School receives more applications than we have spaces available. When the application process is over, some students may be placed in a “wait pool”.  If spaces become available later in the season, some of these applicants may be offered enrollment contracts.  
  • What recommendations are needed for application?

    For grades K-4, only one teacher recommendation is required as often in the lower school there is only one teacher for both math and English.  Applicants for grades 5-12 require 2 teacher recommendations (math and English).  All grades will also require a School Statement.  This recommendation form is to be completed by a Head of School, principal, Division Leader or Guidance Counselor.  Through our new application system, you can simply provide teacher email addresses and they will return them directly to PINE. 
  • When is the best time to apply?

    Applications will open on September 1 each year for the following school's year's admission process.  It is best to apply early.  Applications completed by December 20 will then be reviewed and decisions will be made February 1.  If you miss the December 20 deadline, applications received by March 20 will be reviewed, and decisions sent out on April 1. Applications received after this time will be reviewed and considered on a rolling basis as long as space is available. You can check the status of your application anytime via the myPine portal.
  • Is there an application deadline?

    The deadline to submit an application is December 15.  Applications submitted after this date will be considered on a rolling basis and pending space availability.
  • What makes a student a good candidate for admission at PINE?

    The Pine School looks for students who are well rounded and willing to try new things.  PINE is a school that values participation and inclusion. The admission committee reviews grades, test scores, teacher recommendations and makes decisions on best fit based on the whole child.  A strong emphasis is placed on the interview process during the student’s shadow day.  Effort, good attitude and a willingness to try new things and support fellow students is seen in a positive light. 

    The general admission criteria expected of students entering The Pine School are listed below:
    • Average to superior intellectual abilities.
    • Ability to demonstrate age-appropriate developmental skills for students entering primary grades.
    • A/B average in each of the five courses -- English, math, science, history and world language.
    • Above average conduct and effort.
    • Good to superior teacher recommendations.
    • Achievement of an above average admission test score using standardized testing.
    • Ability to demonstrate grade-appropriate writing skills.
    • Ability to demonstrate age-appropriate verbal responses in an interview setting.
    • Parents' willingness to meet financial responsibilities and agree to the expectations of our families as indicated in the Parent Pledge.
  • How do I schedule a “shadow day”?

    A shadow day is required for applicants in 5th through 12th grade.  An application must be submitted in order to schedule a shadow day.  You can call the admission office to get on the calendar.  If not, we will call you. We schedule shadows on most days that we are in session, but call to be sure the day that is best for you, works for us as well.
  • What do they do on their “shadow day”?

    All shadows arrive at 8:30am and are taken to the classroom to meet their ambassador for the day.  Applicants spend the day in the grade that they are currently in (with the exception of 9th Grade applicants who shadow in the Upper School).  They participate in classes and follow a current student, enjoy recess/break getting to know their peers and lunch.  For Lower and Middle School applicants, MAP testing is required. Applicants will visit the admission office to take this test on an iPad.  They will be tested in reading and math.  They will also spend time being interviewed by a member of the admission team.  Parents will then pick up at 12:30pm (Middle School applicants) or 1:30pm (Upper School applicants).
  • What should my child wear or bring for the "shadow day"?

    Our students wear uniforms daily so in order to blend in and feel comfortable, we recommend a collared shirt, pants, skirt, nice shorts or a dress.  Sweaters or sweatshirts may be needed as it is often chilly in the classrooms.  Please keep in mind that the "shadow day", while an opportunity for the applicant to get to know the school, is also an opportunity for The Pine School to get to know the applicant.  First impressions are important, so please dress appropriately.
  • My child is enrolled in school and can’t be absent, what should I do?

    The shadow day is a required checklist item for the application.  Your school will understand that this is part of the admissions process and important for your child’s future.  If you are not physically able to because you are not living nearby yet, we can schedule a Google Meet interview and can even complete the admission testing remotely.  
  • How do I find out about my child’s admission decision?

    You can check your child’s application progress and admission status on the myPine portal.  For applications completed by December 15, decisions are made by February 1. Applications received after this time are reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • What if my child is not accepted, can we reapply?

    Children grow and change, so yes you are always welcome to reapply for a future year.  A member of our Admission team can help you with that decision.  Ultimately, it is our mission and yours as parents to find the right fit for your child.  We are here to help guide you in that process. 
  • My child has been diagnosed with a learning disability.  Are you able to offer accommodations or modifications to your curriculum?

    The Pine School does have an Academic Center to support students with learning disabilities or enrichment needs. Space for this program is limited and requires additional fees and the submission of a neuropsych evaluation.  We do offer accommodations in certain circumstances but do not modify our college prep curriculum.  To learn more about this program click here.
  • Do you offer a gifted program?

    The Pine School is a college preparatory school.  During the admission process we assess whether a child is ready for the rigor that a college prep education requires.  We do not offer a specific gifted program however we are able to enrich students at all grade levels, host small group instruction and offer a variety of AP (advanced placement) classes in our upper school. 

Tuition and Financial Aid

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  • Do you offer any scholarships or aid?

    Families of students applying for Grades 5-12 have the opportunity to apply for need-based financial aid.  Approximately 26% of our families receive some kind of financial assistance. The average award is $12,000. Financial aid is based on your ability to pay and varies from family to family and grade to grade.  The application process opens in November for the coming year. A limited number of merit-based scholarships are available for incoming 9th Grade students.
  • How do I apply for need based financial aid?

    Families with students applying for Grades 5-12 only are welcome to apply for need based financial aid.  The financial aid application is now open for the 2024-2025 School Year.  Here is the link.  Applications open each year in November for the upcoming school year.  Financial aid awards are based on family need and availability by grade level.  
    Click here for 24-25 Financial Aid Instructions.
  • When is the best time to apply for financial aid?

    The earlier you apply, the better your chances are of receiving some financial assistance.  Applications open up in November so it best to apply then.  
  • Are there any sibling discounts?

    Yes, we offer a 5% discount for a sibling and a 10% discount for the third and subsequent children.
  • Do I have to re-apply for this every year?

    Yes!  Your life can change year to year so your award can fluctuate as well, therefore it is important for you to reapply each year.  It is best to complete this process early (application opens in November for the coming year) so that you are assured that PINE can meet your needs.
  • Do you accept any of the Florida Scholarship Programs?

    The Pine School accepts the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO).

    The Pine School Standards of Ethical Conduct
  • Do you offer any merit scholarships?

    We do offer some merit based scholarships for students entering 9th grade.  All students who apply for 9th grade will be evaluated for this opportunity. Please be sure to submit current standardized test scores in the application process (SSAT, ISEE, PSAT 8/9, etc) so that your child can be considered for these need blind scholarship opportunities.  If an applicant’s parents (one or the other) has served or is currently serving in the US Military, they are welcome to apply for the Patriot Scholarship.  The PINE Scholarship, Posey Scholarship and others are available for students applying for 9th Grade.
The Pine School is an independent college preparatory school educating students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.