Academic Support

Our Mission

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  • Supporting Our Students' Growth and Academic Gains

The Pine School Academic Center exists as an extension of our close-knit learning environment to support and substantiate students' growth and academic gains. By honoring each student's voice, we foster an environment of diverse learning modalities, and work to develop responsibility and personal accountability in our students with learning differences.
The Academic Support team, led by the Director of Academic Services, is a collaborative of highly qualified and experienced educators who dedicate their time and attention to students who benefit from extra support outside of the classroom. Students at The Pine School are offered a unique opportunity to enroll in an academic support program purposefully designed and tailored to each student, while seamlessly integrating academic and organizational reinforcement into their school day. Students currently receiving support from the Academic Center have shown consistent academic gains as well as notable improvement in executive functioning skills. While all students with Educational Plans are offered basic academic services, there are support options available at an additional fee to our students who meet the requirements of the program. 

For more information, please contact Kayla Berger, Director of Academic Services at
The Pine School is an independent college preparatory school educating students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.