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Fine Arts

Lower School Art and Music

Grades K-4

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  • Exploring Core Artistic Elements

    Artistic Expression - in all its shapes and forms - has a front-row presence at The Pine School. We believe that natural creativity is innate and we strive to develop it in every one of our students. We encourage creativity and offer our students a range of opportunities to contribute to our School and community through their artistic expressions.

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  • Musical Foundations

    From dance and improvisation to singing and instrument playing, each grade will explore core musical elements like rhythm, melody, timbre, musical expression, form, and harmony. Students in all grades can expect to learn non-pitched percussion instruments, choral technique, Orff xylophone, boomwhackers, and tubano drumming. 3rd & 4th Graders will further develop their musical skills and note-reading through recorder and ukulele instruction. All students in Lower School are featured in numerous musical performances throughout the school year, including our most anticipated performance, the annual Lower School Musical.
  • Visual Arts

    Lower School art classes are a well-balanced combination of art-making, connection to other artists, communicating about art, and its connection to other subjects. Students engage in dynamic discussions to preface student art projects based on the elements of art:  line, shape, value, color,  texture, form, and space. Students explore those elements in hands-on projects involving a variety of art mediums such as paint, pastel, linoleum blocks, charcoal, clay, computers, fibers, and more. During the creative process, emphasis is placed on design principles, techniques, and development of critical thinking skills. Most importantly, students are encouraged to enjoy their time in the studio, fostering a love of art, learning, and discovery.

    In true independent school fashion, we reach for more. Students are introduced to a number of significant artists, learning about the artists' childhoods, lives, and their innovative art. Students gain inspiration from the artists they learn about as a means to deepen the process and experience of art-making.
  • Lower School Musical

    Unique to The Pine School, all students K-4 participate in an annual Lower School Musical. This spring production prioritizes full-divisional involvement (that's over 120 students on stage for an entire show!) and features each grade throughout the musical. 4th Graders have the privilege of auditioning to receive lead roles, participate in after-school rehearsals, learn choreography and stage blocking, and become the leaders of our production. K-3 students sing and dance in the ensemble and also have an instrument or movement feature that reflects what they are learning in the music classroom. As a part of the in-class music curriculum, students look forward each year to preparing for this massive production. This yearly show-stopper is one you won't want to miss!
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