The Pine School Celebrates National Arts Week

The Pine School Celebrates National Arts Week
Considering The Pine School treats EVERY week like it is National Arts In Education Week, it should be no surprise that the week was packed with a host of opportunities for all of our students to get creative.
Our Lower School students enjoy a wide array of art and music approaches that include expressing themselves through a variety of styles and learning music basics through various instrument and movement activities.
“The goal of our classes is to show students that there are MANY different ways you can express yourself,” summed up music teacher Megan Alvarado.
Art Teacher Amanda Jones even upped the stakes with a special celebration of National Dot Day. Centered around "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds (a story that teaches students about a growth mindset and celebrates the creative spirit in everyone), the day included dot-themed games and dot-themed art - acclaimed Japanese polka dot artist Yayoi Kusama even made a special appearance.
"The celebration created space for students to think, problem-solve, create, and communicate," shared Jones.
Upper and Middle School students have an even larger option of ways to scratch their creative itch - from intro Studio Art & photography to 3D creations & multiple performing ensembles. New 3D Art teacher Tracy Canada has challenged her students to create papier & cloth mache 'screamers' monsters.
"It is always exciting to see how student's artist skills develop from year to year,” shared Fine Arts Chair Emily Faehnle. “During Arts in Education Week, the first few projects help me gauge where each student stands and what skills they want to hone as we continue throughout the year."

Enjoy Photos From The Week
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