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Retreats Provide Foundation Of Community

Pine School Retreats Provide Foundation Of Community
Starting the school year with dedicated time for class retreats is a favorite Pine School tradition. These on and off-campus opportunities provide plenty of time for students and faculty to bond and guarantee students start the year with the close-knit spirit of community The Pine School is known for. 
Middle School students celebrated their Division identities on our beautiful campus through a range of fun activities - including creating unique Advisory artwork and participating in a range of team-building games.
"Our Retreat Day met and surpassed our goals of carving out Middle School's identity at PINE," reflected Middle School Director Jonathan Tolliver. "Most importantly, students were able to build and reinforce the personal connections with peers and adults that are so critical to the development and success of students in this age group."
Each of our Upper School classes enjoyed individually planned off-campus retreat adventures. Freshman (under the expertise of Sailing Coach Nathaniel Osborn) enjoyed sailing at the US Sailing Center on the Indian River Lagoon. Sophomores canoed through picturesque Riverbend Park. Juniors sharpened their surfing skills through the Marine First Responders program. Seniors traveled to West Palm Beach to take on the challenging obstacle course at Shark Wake Park, while also folding in time to plan for aspects of the school year.
All students gathered back on campus to participate in a rousing pep Rally.
PINE spirit was through the roof.
"Every year, the return of this scheduled time is felt deeply through a wide range of community positives - not the least being the strong sense of trust that develops," summed up Assistant Head of School Kelly Hilton-Green.
The Pine School is an independent college preparatory school educating students in Kindergarten through 12th Grade.