Recycled Runway Bigger Than Ever

The best (& most popular) PINE traditions are those that can be shared by the entire School community. Near the top of the list is our annual Recycled Runway showcase.
Led by
 our amazing art teachers Amanda Jones & Michelle Foligno, this year’s event included creations from students across ALL Grade levels - each preparing their designs from completely recycled/repurposed materials. All part of PINE’s GREEN School Of Excellence Earth Week celebrations. 

This year's event saw fashion ensembles more than doubling the number of pieces created previously. 

“By expanding our participation group, the conversation about recycling has been spreading and has inspired more students to be involved,” shared Jones.

Lower & Upper School students used materials that were secured during a dedicated trip to Resource Depot. Middle School students developed pieces with a focus on a collective ‘mission’ - working collaboratively in ‘fashion teams’ as design teams from a fictional company. Additionally, dedicated Upper School students worked on their ensembles as part of the Recycled Runway Club which met during the activities period.

Plans are already underway for next year’s event - with a focus on "International Connectedness" and the idea of having amazing collaborations between art and foreign language teachers - melding cultural exploration on clothing and consumerism. 

"I really loved working with other students to create beautiful designs, while also raising environmental awareness,” added Freshman Ivy Julian.

Recycled Runway 2023 Photos on Flickr
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