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School CounslingTo ensure that all of our students have the full range of support they need to reach their goals, our School Counseling program serves all students from Kindergarten through Grade 12, using both preventative and responsive approaches. Modeled after the American School Counseling Association’s comprehensive developmental program, this includes classroom character education, small group and individual counseling, as well as parent consultation and programming.  

CLASSROOM CHARACTER EDUCATION begins with our youngest students and extends through graduation. Through schoolwide activities, there are opportunities to enhance students’ social-emotional development and positive character traits. Preventative approaches include education on conflict resolution, bully prevention, anger and anxiety management, and more.

COUNSELING GROUPS are offered as additional support to students in the following areas:
  • Divorce/family separation
  • Bereavement
  • Anger management
  • Anxiety management
  • Social skills

School CounselingINDIVIDUAL COUNSELING is provided to students who may be experiencing difficulties academically, socially, and/or emotionally.  Individual Counseling is provided on a short-term basis.  Counselors will provide recommendations of outside therapists for students who need more intensive therapeutic intervention.

PARENT CONSULTATION AND EDUCATION is available and encouraged, as we recognize the importance of parents, staff, and students working together as one Pine School Community.  School Counselors consult with parents to provide assistance for their individual students’ needs, and connect families with outside community services as needed.

Throughout the year, parent education and programs are offered on a variety of relevant topics, such as:
  • Cyber safety and social media awareness
  • Drug and alcohol prevention
  • Child development and raising confident, resilient individuals
  • Academics and study skills
  • Transitioning to Middle and High School

CREATING CARING CONNECTIONS is valued at The Pine School.  School Counselors, advisors, and faculty strive to know each individual student and  build caring connections, creating a compassionate climate in which student success may flourish.

Heidi Bio

About The School Counselor

Heidi Kaye began her school counseling career over 20 years ago. She is passionate about empowering students to reach their full potential academically, socially and emotionally, by providing ongoing support throughout their educational journeys. Her passion for this work provides a wide range of touch points and character-building programs.
As a Pine School faculty member, Heidi attended the Project Zero Classroom Conference held at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education.