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  • Pine Hosts Literacy Expert Kim Yaris

    The Pine School has been fortunate to host a three-week residency by leading literacy educator Kim Yaris. Working closely with Lower School Coordinator Suzanne Otero and Literacy Coach Jen McDonough, Yaris has led and modeled a number of classroom practices with our teachers and students helping them learn to question, think, and interact with text for a deeper reading experience.

    “With Kim Yaris's guidance, students are strengthening their comprehension skills and learning to be readers that question and think deeply about text,” shared McDonough. “Our teachers are getting the benefit of embedded professional development as they watch the teaching moves that bring about these deeper understandings.”

    Yaris is a writer and thinker and part of Burkins & Yaris—Think Tank for 21st Century Literacy. Their blog and instructional resources have drawn a national audience and made them thought leaders in the field of literacy instruction. In her role as a school staff developer, she works closely with schools - facilitating staff development, conducting in-class demonstrations, and developing curriculum.

    “At The Pine School, we strive to help kids move from being passive, backseat readers to active readers in the driver's seat,” added McDonough. “The work that Kim Yaris is doing with our teachers and our students not only helps them tremendously to reach this immediate goal, but also gives them the skills to be successful learners and thinkers in Middle and High School when the text gets more complex.”

    "This type of embedded professional development is an extraordinarily exciting gift for our teachers to experience," agreed Lower School Coordinator Suzanne Otero. "Having Kim not only share these great approaches and practices with our teachers, but giving them the opportunity to see them in action in the classroom, makes such a powerful and positive impact for our students."

  • Students Explore French Culture At Epcot

    Maryse Peressin-Hay led all of her French students on a language & cultural adventure through the world showcase of Disney’s Epcot park.

    In addition to soaking in the architecture & culture of the French & French/Canadian pavilions and viewing short films that highlight both countries, students had the unique opportunity to practice their conversational skills through interviews with French natives. St

    Students also took photos and video of the pavilions and follow-ups to the trip will include classroom writing & speaking lessons reflecting on the experience.

    “The Epcot trip was a unique and exciting way to connect the French culture and language lessons we’ve learned in the classroom with something we could actually see and feel,” shared Sophomore Jill Salach.

    "My interview with a native French speakers really gave me a sense of what it is like to live in France,” added Sophomore Caroline Rouse.

    “There is nothing that can replace the direct contact with a native speaker in terms of improving language skills. Our students really embraced this trip and represented the School beautifully,” summed up Peressin-Hay, herself a native of France.

    Photos from the trip can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • AP Spanish Students Visit El Sol

    Lillian Novoa and her AP Spanish Honor Society students visited El Sol Community Resources Center in Jupiter.

    This group of high-level Spanish language students got to practice their conversational Spanish through interviews with clients and even helped with some Spanish-to-English translation.

    They also got to learn about all the important work this organization does through conversations with the Program Directors and even toured the on-site community garden.

    “I love how a trip like this can expose students to becoming more empathetic to challenges that others in their very own community face. These sort of opportunities are a continuation in making our students the leaders we know they will become,” shared Novoa.

    Photos from the trip can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Zombie Knight Run & Haunted House

    The Pine School is proud to host our annual Zombie Knight Run & Haunted House on Friday, October 19. This family-friendly 5k event features a challenging race course - packed with zombies on the loose - and culminates with a spectacular haunted house put on by Pine School parents.

    Visit the event's page to learn more and register online.

  • Student Service Projects Impact Community

    Learning Through Service has become such an important part of The Pine School’s overall approach, that dedicated off-campus time has been regularly figured in - allowing our students to experience how rewarding good citizenship really is, while also making a positive impact in our community.

    With this in mind, our Senior and Freshman Classes committed to a morning of off-campus service today at the Hobe Sound Early Learning Center and The Treasure Coast Food Bank, respectively. Freshmen helped sort and stock a wide selection of donated good at the Food Bank, which distributes food to those in need all over the Treasure Coast. Seniors helped with painting and gardening, but also managed to squeeze in some time with the kids.

    Additionally, our newly formed Middle School Service Club also got into the action - earning their own opportunity to volunteer at the Food Bank.

    All of these service opportunities have been arranged through the School's on-going working relationship with The United Way of Martin County.

    Upcoming projects include The Pine School’s annual food and toy drives for the holidays. Additionally, the Junior and Senior Classes already have their own mornings of off-campus service scheduled.

    “There is nothing quite as awesome as seeing our students totally engaged in this sort of work - especially when it is making such a positive impact in our community,” shared Director of Communications Robert Ankrom, who works to coordinate volunteer opportunities for The Pine School. Ankrom also serves as a Board Member with The United Way's Leaders United - a service-focused group of likeminded professionals. 

    Photos of our Senior and Freshman service projects can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Science Happenings At The Pine School

    176_EScienceThe Pine School’s science department is always alive with lots of exciting undertakings, but a recent wave of special projects have truly showcased the unique ways our students are benefitting from these dynamic approaches.

    Gela Kovalsky and Dr. Curtis Musser took their 25 Environmental Science students to participate in the "A Day in the Life of the Indian River Lagoon" project.  Students from 36 different schools along a 156 Mile stretch simultaneously collected biological, chemical and physical data of the aquatic ecosystem at the Hobe Sound Nature Center.  The project aims to collect sufficient data to report on the "health" of the lagoon, so that this information can serve as a database for future academic studies and allow decision makers and other groups to make the best choices for our environment.

    “This was a great opportunity for our students to be part of something bigger. Being able to collect the data ourselves and see the results first hand is not only a teaching opportunity but a life experience,” shared Kovalsky.

    Students in Karlheinz Haas' STEM course are making great progress in coding their TI-Rovers to complete all kinds of complex tasks. Students wrote code that made the Rover follow a series of directional moves - even using range finders to prevent the Rover from bumping into obstacles.  

    “Talk about learning math with a different spin. I challenged them to write code that makes the Rover draw geometric shapes based only on input of a number of sides, with one student pushing the envelope and programming the Rover to draw a 40-sided regular polygon,” shared Haas.

    Even our younger Knights are getting into the spirit. Kristin Davis recently led her 3rd Graders through an activity to introduce the design process. Focusing on how to keep water cool in an insulated cup for as long as possible, students worked in small collaborative groups to build & test prototypes - with plenty of time to reflect on the process.  

    The Pine School, of course, is no stranger to breaking the mold on usual science approaches. The School’s InvenTeam was the only school in Florida to receive a grant from the prestigious MIT-Lemelson Foundation for the invention of their Indian River Lagoon water-monitoring system. The group was invited to share their findings at EurekaFest in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

    Photos of the Environmental Science trip can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Pine Celebrates Arts In Education Week

    Arts WeekThe Pine School, as it does each year, coordinated a wide range of special programs and activities to recognize National Arts In Education Week.

    “We are very proud of our many Arts offerings, but this week presents a special opportunity to really showcase our unique approaches while also exposing our younger students to the work being created by our Upper School artists,” shared Fine Arts Chair Steve Naumann.

    Lower School students visited both the fine art and ceramics studio, while also getting the chance to try their hand at conducting the Middle School band.

    Additionally, Senior Jacqueline Rouse, Sophomore Caroline Rouse, & Freshman Lily Cave (along with instructors from the FL Dance Company) presented a special History of Dance program for Grades 5-12. In addition to sharing a range of ballet, Irish step & modern examples, students were invited to try out a few hip-hop steps. These three talented young women have also been sharing their passion for dance with some of our younger Knights as part of Pine’s Beyond The Bell offerings.

    On the music front, The Pine School’s steel pan class continued their efforts in learning the history, theory & technique of playing the pans. The "Knights of Steel" ensemble is one of our most popular performers at area musical showcases.

    Not to be outdone, Lower School music teacher Megan Raedy used the week to take a different perspective when working with her Lower School Choirs - helping to foster a lifelong love & appreciation of music, Raedy helps students gain ownership of their music & their voice by enjoying what they do.

    “Directing and teaching young choirs is all about fun! Step into our rehearsals and you will see us shaking and stretching our bodies, working on breathing exercises, singing funny warm-up songs, and preparing for upcoming performances,” shared Raedy.

    Finally, Middle School art teacher Brain Hayden had his 4th Grade art students work on proper proportions of the human face - including determining light source and where the light changes to shadow, with a goal to make a flat drawing appear to have form.  

    “Students are usually reluctant at first to use a high level of contrast when shading a face, but in time they begin to see how contrast can assist them in creating a face that appears to be more 3-dimensional,” shared Hayden.  

    The Pine School’s commitment to inspiring our students to explore their artistic passions is certainly alive and well.

  • Retreats Offer Unique Start To Year

    The start of each school year at The Pine School includes dedicated time for Grades 5-12 to participate in specially-designed, individual class retreats - a perfect time to bond and set goals for the year. From local community service projects to challenging ropes course, our students & faculty love this special time to connect. After all, The Pine School is all about relationship-based education.

    "Individual class retreats are a key part of what makes The Pine School's start of the year so unique," shared Dean of Students Ariel Chimelis. "In addition to team-building activities, these retreats are a real investment in the successful year we know our students will have."

    Middle School Grades (5th-8th) share dedicated time together and individually with their Advisory groups - each year focusing on a theme that is unique to them in connecting and strengthening their special Middle School years.

    This year’s theme, “Reach”, presented a collaborative opportunity for students to explore what the theme means to them and how they will incorporate it as a measuring stick for the sort of school-year they will have. Activities surrounding this exercise included presenting skits and songs created together and then shared with the entire group. Middle School also enjoyed an anti-bullying presentation and a team-building relay obstacle course.

    “This is a great opportunity for Advisee groups to get to know each other and the school better through the lens of our theme,” shared Middle School Coordinator Sarah Visagie. “The goal is that by the end of the day, every student feels a part of the fabric of the Pine School community.”

    High School Grades also enjoyed a range of bonding activities - including time off-campus together. Seniors traveled to Lake Wales for an overnight camp stay that included rope courses and a range of team-building and goal-setting opportunities. Likewise 11th & 10th Grade each participated in both fun and meaningful time together - ranging from Escape Room & Flying Panda destinations along with dedicated community service elements. The popular “No Such Night” tradition brought together the 9th Grade class as they experienced an on-campus “lock-in” as well as time together at Hobe Sound Beach.

    "The retreats encourage us, in a really fun way, to use our minds and build camaraderie," shared Sophomore Jill Salach. "They are a fantastic way to begin the year!"

  • Faculty Travel To Harvard For Project Zero

    Project ZeroTen Pine School faculty members (including new Head of School Binney Caffrey) Have spent a week benefiting from the ground-breaking research and programming of Project Zero at Harvard’s School Of Education. To date, through a generous anonymous gift, the School has sent a total of 50 faculty members. 

    “Project Zero and the Teaching For Understanding approach is a primary initiative at the School,” shared assistant Head of School Nathan Washer. “Time has been allocated to sharing best practices and ideas during all of our professional development sessions.”

    Celebrating 50 years, Project Zero remains an intellectual wellspring, encouraging inquiry into the complexity of intelligence, understanding, thinking and  creativity as well as cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural thinking. Project Zero is about preparing learners for the world that they will live, work and develop in. 

    “It was amazing to share the week at Project Zero Classroom with so many of my Pine School colleagues,” added Caffrey. “We are all coming home with a deeper appreciation for how we can shape student thinking in the classroom and thus deepen understanding. I look forward to seeing more positive outcomes for Pine's students as we continue to integrate our professional learning from Project Zero.”

  • Pine Summer Of Service

    Summer of ServiceFor the third consecutive summer, Pine students and faculty have dedicated impressive and important time during their summer vacations to giving back - both here on the Treasure Coast and abroad.     

    “There is an absolutely inspiring cultural commitment to service within our School community,” reflected Director of Communication Robert Ankrom, who has served as a coordinator of both student & faculty volunteerism. “It is especially impressive to see this spirit continuing throughout the summer.”

    Ranging from work with local environmental and education non-profits to assisting schools as far away as South Africa, efforts of students have been showcased through the #PineSummerOfService initiative. 

    In an effort to kickstart the new school year, special service projects have been coordinated  for faculty during their pre-planning sessions and for students during dedicated half-day time commitments in the fall. 

  • Pine Students Travel To Peru

    The Pine School added another unique travel opportunity to its summer line-up as a group of students explored Peru.

    “The trip definitely ignited an excitement to further explore the history of the brilliant Incan people,” shared World Language Department Chair Kelly Kelly, “There is so much value to experience travel.”

    The journey began in the capital city of Lima and continued on to explore the beautiful country that is home to a section of Amazon rainforest and Machu Picchu, an ancient Incan city high in the Andes mountains. In addition, the group spent time in the region around Machu Picchu, including the Sacred Valley, Inca Trail and colonial city of Cusco. Additionally, they learned first-hand about the artisan culture of weaving the beautiful textiles that blanketed every village market. They also took in an unique workshop by renowned Peruvian ceramic artist Pablo Seminario and sampled authentic cuisines such as alpaca, guinea pig, and ceviche.   

    “The trip provided such a great opportunity to expose us to other cultures,” shared rising Junior Aliya French. “It was such an amazing experience.”

  • Student Earns USA Today Golfer Of The Year

    Class of 2018 graduate Garrett Barber has been named USA Today’s ALL-USA Boys Golfer of the Year.

    “This is an amazing achievement for Garrett and couldn’t have happened to a more deserving kid,” shared Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli.

    Garrett’s stellar career as a Pine School Knight included bringing home the Class A1 State Championship as well as winning the prestigious Jones Cup and playing in both the Junior Presidents Cup and the United States Amateur.

    Garrett will play golf for LSU in the fall.

  • Students Explore French Culture In Canada

    French teacher Maryse Peressin-Hay led a group of students and parents through an exploration of French culture as they visited Quebec City & Montreal.

    Among the many unique experiences were opportunities to participate in whale watching in Tadoussac, indulge in a traditional Sugar Shack excursion, take in historic Plains of Abraham Battlefield reenactments as well as encounters with French Quebecois and Hurons First Nations.

    “ Our students were able to understand why people are deeply connected and attached to their linguistic and cultural roots.,” shared Peressin-Hay. “Additionally, aeveryone had many opportunities to try their French in stores and restaurants and declared victory when they understood answers to their questions!”

    The trip also coincided with the G7, with students observing a peaceful demonstration in Quebec City, which gave an opportunity for discussions about world politics.

    “My favorite moment was seeing the sights around Quebec City and and seeing the lovely Tadoussac at night for dinner and a sunset hike,” shared rising sophomore Audrey Facka.

    Peressin-Hay hopes to make the trip a regular opportunity for her French students and others who are interested in expanding their cultural perspectives.

  • Evening Of Academic Excellence

    The Pine School wrapped up its end-of-the-year award ceremonies with the prestigious Evening of Academic Excellence - a formal opportunity to recognize the exceptional efforts of students across the wide range of specific academic disciplines as well as over-arching contributions to the School community.

    “This evening is all about acknowledging excellence,” summed up Academic Dean Sean Carlson. “Our students have demonstrated work ethic and dedication exemplifying academic distinction.”

    The following awards were announced:

    The Potsdam Award
    Christopher Textor

    Head of School Award
    Claire Barber

    Lifer Award - Melissa Coolidge, Colby Mortell, Claire Pittman, Christopher Textor, & Alex Wood

    Service & Spirit Award
    Samar Ahmed

    Pine Scholarship - John Sexton & Hannah Squier

    Patriot Scholar - Rihanna Koebe

    The Cole Walker Posey Scholarship - Jet Jones

    Academic Achievement Awards
    12th Grade - Sophia Siegel
    11th Grade - Noah Kalter
    10th Grade - Maddy McDonald
    9th Grade - Savannah Stranigan

    Community Achievement Awards
    12th Grade - Ali McLimond
    11th Grade - Macy Washer
    10th Grade - Lindsey Bruns
    9th Grade - Trent Long

    Book Awards
    Brown University - Nicole Malecka
    Dartmouth College - Grace Wilson
    Sewanee University - Dylan Gordon
    Johns Hopkins University - Noah Kalter
    Penn - Gabe Tettamanti
    Harvard University - Olivia Siegel
    Rollins College - Aaron Chimelis
    Boston College - Anna McGovern
    George Washington University - Hayley Starr

    Subject Awards
    Hugh Willoughby Award - Claire Barber
    12th Grade - Savannah Stranigan
    11th Grade - Zachary Ehrlich
    10th Grade - Gabriel Tettamanti
    9th Grade - Christopher Textor

    Pat Stuart Award –   Maddi Minelli
    12th Grade - Sophia Siegel
    11th Grade - Anna McGovern
    10th Grade - Aliya French
    9th Grade - Trent Long

    Euler’s Award - Lauren DiMare
    12th Grade - Kylin Cao
    11th Grade - Grace Wilson
    10th Grade - Maddy McDonald
    9th Grade - Sam Levine

    Jonas Salk Award - George Ma
    12th Grade - CJ Walsh
    11th Grade - Aaron Chimelis
    10th Grade - Lucas Pereira
    9th Grade - Faith Hill

    World Languages
    Jose Marti Award - Samar Ahmed
    12th Grade - Drew Aaron
    11th Grade - Noah Kalter
    10th Grade - Christian Hyland
    9th Grade - Rachel Goldman

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Award - Caroline Rouse
    12th Grade - Michael Wiedner
    11th Grade - Jue Wen
    9th Grade - Jill Salach

    Head Prefects for the 2018-19 School Year
    Head Boy: Aaron Chimelis
    Head Girl: Macy Washer
    Ambassador Prefect: Gabriel Tettamanti
    Outreach Prefect: Olivia Siegel
    Student Life Prefect: Jue Wen
    Environmental Prefect: Naia Mader
    Communications Prefect: Hayley Starr
    U-Knight Prefect: Anna McGovern
    Athletic Leadership Prefect: Grace Wilson
    Fine Arts Prefect: Noah Kalter

    Deputy Prefects for the 2018-19 School Year
    Ambassador Deputy Prefect: Sophia Rabiei
    Outreach Deputy Prefect: Maddy McDonald
    Student Life Deputy Prefect: Addison Textor
    Environmental Deputy Prefect: Maria DiEgidio
    Communications Deputy Prefect: Aliya French
    U-Knight Deputy Prefect: William Baratta
    Athletic Leadership Deputy Prefect: Lindsey Bruns
    Fine Arts Deputy Prefect: Allison Sanchez

    Photos of the evening can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Arts Banquet Honors Student-Artists

    The Pine School Fine Arts Department hosted the first Arts Banquet - a formal opportunity to recognize the outstanding achievements of our many talented student-artists. Ranging through the areas of music, performance, fine art & photography, the impressive accolades and honors our student-artists have earned on the national and local level were also showcased.

    “Our students have spent countless hours working, preparing, and practicing to be stronger performing and visual artists,” shared Fine Arts Department Head Steve Naumann. “Given their commitment, it is truly an exceptional privilege to recognize their efforts.”

    In addition to announcing awards, the evening included musical and dance performances as well as a special display of fine art pieces. The evening was closed with a special performance of Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” featuring Band Director Dorothy Castle on flute and Freshman Solana Rudnitsky on vocals.

    The following awards were announced:

    Ernie and Helen Berlin Award for Excellence in the Performing Arts
    Celia Walsh

    John Philip Sousa Band Award
    Alex Wood

    Louis Armstrong Jazz Award
    Jordan Pearl

    Artistic Promise Award (selected by professional photographer Tom Winters)
    Robert Upton

    Performing Arts Awards
    Upper School Band Outstanding Performer Award - Christopher Textor
    Jazz Band Outstanding Performer Award - Noah Kalter
    "Knights of Steel" Outstanding Performer Award - Celia Walsh
    Upper School Band Most Improved Award - Jack Squier
    Jazz Band Most Improved Award - Celia Walsh
    "Knights of Steel" Most Improved Award - Sophie Rabiei

    12th Grade Instrumental Award - Jamie Gray
    11th Grade Instrumental Award - Enzo Giordano
    10th Grade Instrumental Award - Lucas Pereira
    9th Grade Instrumental Award - Angela Charles

    High School Drama Award - Chloe Janson

    IRSC 4-County Honor Band
    Evan Shute, Noah Kalter, and Jack Squier

    The Florida Bandmasters Association Excellent Rating
    Noah Kalter

    Ft. Pierce Jazz and Blues Society Scholarship
    Alex Wood

    Fine Arts Awards
    Scholastic Art National Gold Key Award
    Olivia Siegel

    Scholastic Art and Writing Award Participants
    Ryan Ehrlich, Teagan Habicht, Alison McClimond, Sophia Rabiei, Jacqueline Rouse, Allison Sanchez, Olivia Siegel, Emily Smith, Robert Upton, and Macy Washer

    Marvin S. Cone High School Juried Art Show Awards
    1st Place Photography - Allison Sanchez
    3rd Place Photography - Ryan Ehrlich
    Pine School Purchase Award  - Jacqueline Rouse
    Honorable Mentions - Jacqueline Rouse and Maddy McDonald

    Drexel University High School Photography Contest
    Jacqueline Rouse and Macy Washer

    12th Grade Visual Art Award - Kassi Teklinski
    11th Grade Visual Art Award - Jacqueline Rouse
    10th Grade Visual Art Award - Allison Sanchez
    9th Grade Visual Art Award - Caroline Rouse

    Crossover Award - Ryan Ehrlich

    Digital Art Award - Nia Einhoff

    Publication Award - Melissa Coolidge

    Photos of the evening can be seen on our Flickr page.


  • Pine School Sweeps All-Area Golf Honors

    The Pine School swept the Golf category of the TC Palm Student-Athletes of the Year Honors.
    Senior Garrett Barber was named All-Area Boys Golfer of the Year and 8th Grader Andie Smith was named All-Area Girls Golfer of the Year.

    Barber has won a top amateur tournament (Jones Cup), a top junior event (Rolex Tournament of Champions), a State High School Championship Title, was a member of the winning U.S. team in last year’s Junior Presidents Cup, and has just won the U.S. Four-Ball Amateur Championship at Jupiter Hills Club. Barber will play golf at LSU in the fall.

    Smith was the District 19-1A medalist with a 1-under-par 71, shot even-par 72 at Regionals to help Pine School’s first girls team advance to the State Championship and had the lowest 1A score among the 12 Middle-Schoolers in the 93-player field.

    “There is no doubt about these two being exceptional athletes with very bright futures, but they are also excellent students and, even with all of their successes, have remained grounded with the modesty and sportsmanship that Pine School athletics is known for,” shared Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli.

  • Middle School Honors Student Achievements

    Middle School held their annual end-of-the-year Honor Assembly to recognize the exceptional achievements of students in a range of disciplines.

    “Honor, integrity, accountability, and the encouragement to achieve one’s personal best are all important aspects of our everyday activities at The Pine School,” shared Middle School Coordinator Sarah Visagie. “This assembly is all about celebrating those who made the best use of this opportunity.”

    Head Of School Award
    Hannah Squier

    Cornerstone Awards
    Academic Maturity - Andie Smith
    Arthur A Smith Spiritual Award - Celia Wilson
    Athletic Maturity - Michael Di Egidio

    Jeff Bruner Athletic Award 
    Josh LaCorte

    Dale Hudson Service Award 
    Andie Smith

    Ashley Carroll Writing Award
    Cat Villano

    Exceptional Student Award
    6th - Melanie McDonald
    7th - Lily Parr

    5th Grade Spirit Of Learning Award
    Noah Rabiei

    English/Language Arts
    5th - Kinslee Ewing
    6th - Aubrey Williams
    7th - RJ Lichten
    8th - Michael Di Egidio

    Writing Award
    5th - Madi Cochran
    6th - Sydney Hoye
    7th - Jennifer Roberts

    Social Studies
    5th - Brody Metzger
    6th - Amelie Galbraith
    7th - Brennan Troupe
    8th -  Simon Ross

    5th -  Sydney Schiff
    6th - Adelaide McKeon
    7th - Sandy Hardin
    8th - Kiele Mader

    5th - Simon Kovalsky
    6th - Brooke De George
    7th - Kate Parr
    8th - Riley Van Suetendael

    World Language
    5th - Isabela Adler
    6th - Ava Schulties
    7th - Dylan Markulics
    8th - Michael Boyd

    5th - Gabby Benedetti
    6th - Bella Krastel
    7th - Fiona Ankrom
    8th - Cat Villano

    5th - Morgan Huyser
    6th - Jack Meads
    7th - Daniel Aton
    Most Improved - Ava Merckle

    5th Director’s Award - Madeline McElroy
    6th Director’s Award - Adelaide McKeon
    7th Director’s Award - Jack Vrana
    8th Director’s Award - Hannah Squier
    5th/6th Outsanding Performance - Shelby Carlstrom
    7th/8th Outstanding Performance - Andie Smith
    5th/6th Most Improved - Lili Krastel
    7th/8th Most Improved - Michael Di Egidio

    5th - Christina Shute & Reagan Fowle
    6th - Campbell McCarthy & Harbour Dollinger
    7th - Fiona Ankrom & Aidan Skelly
    8th - Kendall Eaker & Jake Schoonmaker

    School Pride
    5th - Gabby Benedetti & Jace Jodzio
    6th - Reese Habicht & JD Long
    7th - Allie Smith & Marco Pereira
    8th - Lily Cave & Reece Slater

    Physical Education
    5th - Alice Villalba & Kyle Dixon
    6th - Gwendolyn Morris & Grant Torchia
    7th - Sandy Hardin & Shiv Patel
    8th - Lauren Lurgio & Collin Fowle

    Safety Patrol Award
    Kyle Dixon & Lili Krastel

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Golf Tournament Supports Booster Club

    The Pine School's 19th Annual Booster Club Golf Tournament was a huge success. Fifty players - which included parents, students, Alumni & friends - enjoyed a great day of golf and sunshine at the Hobe Sound Golf Club, all to raise funds for the Booster Club. 

    "After the rain we experienced last year, it was great to have a strong turnout and a fun day of golf," shared Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli. "Knowing that all of this fun supported our amazing Booster Club was just icing on the cake."

    A special thank you goes out to the event Sponsors: Water Pointe Realty, Downey McElroy, P.A., The Cummings Family, Florida Living Realty, and The Sofarelli Family as well as the many event volunteers - including the Tournament Planning Committee: Tami Skelly, Lisa Afshar, Marcy Isdaner, and Molly Markulics. 

    Photos of the event can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Artists Earn Accolades At Juried Show

    The Pine School fared extremely well at the prestigious Marvin S. Cone High School Juried Art Show hosted by The Arts Council of Martin County.

    Nine students were selected to be included in this annual exhibition featuring works of student artists from all five Martin County high schools. This exhibit has been a local tradition since 1987.

    “This show really represents the finest student artists in the area,” shared Fine Arts Department Chair Steve Naumann, himself a participant as a high schooler in the show. “The competition is fierce and to even be selected to participate is a great honor.”

    In the Photography category, Sophomore Allison Sanchez walked away with 1st Place, while Junior Ryan Ehrlich earned 3rd Place. Special Honorable Mentions went to Junior Jacqueline Rouse and Sophomore Maddy McDonald. Additionally Jacqueline Rouse’s piece was selected by Head of School Binney Caffrey as the 2018 Pine School Purchase Award and will now hang permanently on campus.

    “I couldn’t be prouder of our artists,” summed up art & photography teacher Maria Miele. “Experiencing being part of such a high-caliber show like this is an opportunity that really encourages students while also highlighting the importance of supporting the arts.”

  • College Pep Rally Celebrates Seniors

    We love our Seniors!

    The entire School community (plus parents & guests) gathered for the annual College Pep Rally - celebrating the impressive range of higher education the Class of 2018 have committed to.

    Greeted by their 6th Grade buddies (who were decked out in personally designed t-shirts), the Seniors received all the glowing praise they deserve for being such an exceptional group.

    "We want to thank everyone for all of their support - especially our teachers and parents. We couldn't have made it without you," shared Prefect Head Boy Christopher Textor.

    The special gathering was followed up with each member of the Class signing the 2018 banner and a delicious cupcake reception.

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Recycled Runway Merges Art & Environmental Awareness

    "Our Recycled Runway is the perfect combination of Art & Environmental Awareness," shared art teacher Maria Miele.

    The annual event, in honor of Earth Day showcased fashion creations designed & modeled by students.

    “A lot of hard work went into the pieces we created, but it was worth the time,” shared freshman Caroline Rouse.

    As has become the tradition, the entire student body lined the catwalk and cheered on the fabulous outfits and accessories.

    This year’s event even picked up great local press coverage - including the front page of the Stuart News.

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Annual Athletic Banquet Showcases Student Commitment

    The Pine School celebrated and honored the achievements of our many talented student-athletes at the annual Athletic Banquet. This formal affair presented the opportunity to showcase each of the School’s Varsity teams, Athletes of the Month for the entire 17-18 year, & student commitments to multiple sports.

    Highlights included Senior Garrett Barber’s Golf State Championship and Coach Beth Lettengarver’s third straight Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year. Additionally, time was dedicated to our four Athletic Collegiate signings (Garrett Barber to Louisiana State University for Golf, JJ LaCorte & Christopher Textor to Wesleyan University for Soccer, and Zach Scott to Lasell College for Basketball).

    "Competitive Athletics and strong sportsmanship are key elements of The Pine School's approach," shared Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli. "As such, an evening like this rightfully honors the dedication and long hours our student-athletes put into the pursuit of reaching their full potential - sometimes in multiple sports. Their commitment is infectious and I am proud to be associated with a program that holds these values in such high regard."

    Grade level and Senior Scholarship Awards included:

    9th Grade Male: Tyler Markulics
    9th Grade Female: Acklen Howell
    9th Grade Sportsmanship: Dylan Tuchon

    10th Grade Male: Will Baratta
    10th Grade Female: Hallie Isdaner
    10th Grade Sportsmanship: Maria Di Egidio

    11th Grade Male: Noah Kalter
    11th Grade Female: Grace Wilson
    11th Grade Sportsmanship: Aaron Chimelis

    12th Grade Male: Christopher Textor
    12th Grade Female: Claire Barber
    12th Grade Sportsmanship: Melissa Coolidge

    Knights Booster Club $1,000 college Expenses Scholarship Awards for graduating Seniors:
    Claire Barber
    Melissa Coolidge
    Christopher Textor

    Photos of the evening can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Newest National Honor Society Members Inducted

    The Pine School proudly welcomed seventeen new members into the School’s chapter of the National Honor Society. An induction ceremony was held today during community meeting.

    The National Honor Society (NHS) is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students. NHS serves to recognize those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

    The Pine School became a charter member of NHS in 2009. With a goal to recognize students who excel, candidacy begins by meeting the scholarship criterion of a cumulative GPA of 3.5 in core subjects. Each candidate then submits candidate information/essay form to the Faculty Council with additional evaluative information from the entire faculty used to assist in the final selection process.

    Newly inducted members (spring 2018) include:
    Class of 2018:  Georgia Cardoso, Amanda Silva
    Class of 2019: Riley Davis, Hayley Starr, Patricia Ramsay, Gabriel Tettamanti
    Class of 2020: William Baratta, Maria DiEgidio, Zachary Ehrlich, Aliya French, Hallie Isdaner, Jet Jones, Maddy McDonald, Troy Meira, Lucas Pereira, Ryan Renz, Addi Textor

    “It has been an honor and delight working with these students to promote the academic focus via our year long peer tutor program and other leadership events,” shared NHS Advisor and history teacher Kathy Moorman.

  • Evening Of The Arts Showcases Student Talent

    The Pine School celebrated the talents of students in 9th-12th Grade with the annual Evening of the Arts held at the Lyric Theatre in downtown Stuart. The evening was filled with a diverse range of vocal, instrumental & dance, all with one thing in common - a passion for performing.

    “This evening is always so special,” shared Fine Arts Chair Steve Naumann. “It truly is amazing to see the exceptional talent of our students and I love that The Pine School dedicates an event to showcase their dedication and hard work.”

    In addition to providing the audience with excellent entertainment, the evening provided an opportunity to also especially salute those performers from the Class of 2018.

    Photos from the evening can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Seniors Honored With Congressional Award Gold Medal

    Pine School Seniors Faiza (Samar) Ahmed (’18) & Alex Wood (’18) were both awarded the Congressional Award Gold Medal at a ceremony for Florida’s 18th Congressional District - attended by U.S. Representative (FL-18) Brian Mast & Head of School Binney Caffrey.

    The Congressional Award is the United States Congress’ award for young Americans. Students may register when they turn 13 1/2 years old and must complete their activities by their 24th birthday.

    Participation involves setting goals in four program areas: Voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration.

    Conner MacDonald (’21) was also awarded the Congressional Bronze Medal.  

  • Off-Campus Education Week

    One of The Pine School's most unique & popular traditions is Off-Campus Education Week. Grades 5-12 each travel to unique destinations that cover a range of exciting experiences and opportunities.

    With Grades 5-8 taking on a range of outside activities and team-building rope courses, Grades 9-12 branch out to everything from Freshmen learning about environmental awareness in the Everglades and FL Keys, Sophomores touring a range of colleges in the DC area, and the Juniors backpacking through the boroughs of NY as part of an outward bound adventure.

    The New York City trip provided knowledge and understanding of many cultures that were  strengthened immensely through the activities and experiences we shared together as classmates,” shared Junior Hayley Starr.

    “Because of this trip, I learned that any little way to help prevent pollution has an enormous effect in helping the lives of ourselves and marine life,” shared Freshman Angela Charles.

    The special Senior even trip included time to explore the National Whitewater Center in NC where the US Olympic kayak team trains as well as an Escape Room challenge, community service, and taking in a Charlotte Hornets basketball game.

    In fact, each of the high school trips fold in some element of service.

    "Though our Off-Campus Education Week trips cover a wide range of destinations and activities, in the end, these unique opportunities are about celebrating the flexibility that independent schools have to explore experiences outside of the classroom, while also forging positive school-community connections between our students and faculty,” summed up Tamara Litterick - Math Dept Chair and Off-Campus Trips Coordinator.

    Photos of the Senior Trip

    Photos of Trips Grades 9-11

    Photos of Trips Grades 5-8

  • Student Work On Display In Tallahassee

    4th Graders Joey Falcone, Audrey Gordon, & Pippa Hilton-Green had the opportunity to visit Tallahassee to see their selected artwork on display in Representative MaryLynn Magar's office (82nd District).

    Representative Magar held a small reception for the students in her office and they were all welcomed and recognized during the live session. The students were joined by families members, including Audrey’s 2nd Grade sister Olivia.

    Artwork by 11th Grader Erica Forster and 10th Grader Allison Sanchez is also being displayed.

    "I am not only honored that our students were able to display their artwork at our state capital, but I am also very excited that they got to visit the artwork and be recognized in front of our state officials," shared K-8th Grade art teacher Brian Hayden.

  • Government Students Tour Courthouse

    Nathaniel Osborn and Sean Carlson and their American Government classes students spent a morning observing criminal proceedings at the Martin County Courthouse. Judge Steele gave students a tour of the courthouse and reviewed roles played by court officials.

    "Sitting in on a trial - with real a real judge, public defense attorney, prosecutor, and bailiff brought physical reality to what we had been studying in class. And, for me, it was even more meaningful because I am interested in a law career,” shared Senior Maddy Minelli.

    That was followed by time spent observing proceedings of the Martin County Board of County Commissioners. Pine School Junior Riley Davis spoke to the Board and thanked them for the warm welcome. Additionally, students met with librarians at the Blake Library & discussed the resources available as they work on upcoming research projects.

    "Observing the inner workings of local government and the judiciary offers our students a powerful learning opportunity," said Osborn.

  • Students Stand Against Bullying

    The Pine School has joined schools throughout the country in observing Bully Prevention Week.

    "It is important to empower students to stand against bullying, to realize they can make a difference by promoting kindness and tolerance,” shared School Counselor Heidi Kaye.

    The week has included opportunities for students to sign and make an Anti-Bully Pledge as well as to discuss in Advisory small groups related issues. Students wore pink shirts to participate in Pink Shirt Day to stand in solidarity of this awareness campaign.

    Additionally, Freshman Abbie Elkan, who is originally from Parkland and knew several of the students lost in the recent tragedy there, spoke to the student body on the importance of making connections.

    “Creating caring connections among our school community fosters an optimal learning environment," summed up Kaye.

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • The Addams Family's Spooky Success

    The Pine School Performing Arts Department presented the comedy-musical The Addams Family at the Els Center of Excellence over the weekend.

    Featuring a cast and crew that ranged from Grades 5 through 12, the ensemble demonstrated the spirit of teamwork in preparing all aspects of the production and turned in a performance that all would agree was truly excellent.

    The Addams Family was simply incredible,” shared Head of School Binney Caffrey. “Our students, both on and off the stage, should be so proud of all they did to make the performance so special.”.  

    “As a school, we pride ourselves on letting each of our students have the opportunity to try new things” shared Academic Dean Sean Carlson, who also directed the production. “This year's cast was full of novice performers, many of whom had never been in a show before, yet that didn't stop them from rising to the occasion.”

    The cast put in long hours during rehearsals at a variety of spots on campus before moving to the El Center for a few technical run-throughs before opening night.

    “Each year, being part of the musical is something I greatly look forward to,” shared Senior Chloe Janson who starred as Morticia. “It is such a great way for students with similar interests to connect who might not otherwise.”

    The production took a small army of folks to make the many logistics and specifics come together. In addition to a team of parents & faculty that helped with make-up, music teachers Dorothy Castle and John Barnes (costumes and lights & sound respectively) led the charge in making sure all aspects of the production were first-rate.

    “Each year, it makes me so proud to see our seasoned performers grow in their craft and leadership, but also to see those students who want to try something a bit out of their comfort zone find new self-confidence,” summed up Carlson.

    Photos of the production can be seen on our Flickr page.

    A special gallery of behind-the-scenes photos has also been set-up.

  • Women & Girls In Sports Day

    The Pine School celebrated Women & Girls In Sports Day with a special assembly featuring an address by Director of Admission Beth Lettengarver.

    Lettengarver is a former professional skater with Disney On Ice and has been named the TC Palm XC Coach of the Year three times in a row.

    “I was so proud to have been asked to speak to the Pine School girls who inspire me everyday,” shared Lettengarver.

    Girls then had a chance to test their skills during a range of Varsity sport drills - led by members of those teams.

    “The Pine School prides itself in providing a supportive environment allowing our students the opportunity to try something they never had before - maybe even sparking a new interest that will stay with them long-term,” summed up Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli. “Dedicated time like today truly meets that goal and plays an important role in fostering a real focus on athletics and physical well-being.”

  • InvenTeam Continues Streak Of Success

    The Pine School’s InvenTeam continues their streak of successes with two recent high-profile accolades.

    On Wednesday evening the team received the "Innovator" award at the 2018 Martin County Environmental Stewardship Awards banquet.

    The following day several members of the team presented a poster at the 2018 Indian River Lagoon Symposium at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute. They were the only high schoolers asked to present at this significant academic conference.

    "It was really rewarding to be recognized by the community for our efforts,” shared Senior and team-member Sophia Siegel. “I think the passion our team feels about the environment was clearly demonstrated."

    Additionally, InvenTeam advisers Karlheinz Haas and Nathaniel Osborn presented a brief paper entitled "The IRL as a Vehicle to Integrate STEM and the Humanities in Secondary Education" to the conference's 350 scientists and graduate students.

    “It was a great experience to explain our invention and receive such educated feedback on our device as well as to speaking with and learning from some of the greatest environmental researchers in our area," shared Haas.

    "The InvenTeam's water quality device project is precisely the sort of interdisciplinary experience that is uniquely possible in an independent school," added Osborn, who was also nominated for the "River Advocate" category at the Stewardship Awards. "Integrating my background as an historian with Mr. Haas's expertise as a scientist has been richly rewarding."

    The Pine School’s InvenTeam was the only student group in Florida selected to receive a prestigious grant from the MIT-Lemelson Foundation to create a water monitoring system to document water quality in the Indian River Lagoon. The group was also invited to present at EurekaFest held at MIT last summer.

  • Pine School Reads

    Dear Parents and Students, 

    I hope this note finds you well and still enjoying a bit of the rejuvenation that always comes with the new year. As we look ahead to our February long weekend and March off-campus education & Spring Break weeks, we are sure to have some idle time on our hands! One of my great pastimes I am eager to share with our School community is my passion for reading. So often I crave a little down time to immerse myself in a book so I can learn something new or be transported to another time or life. Not only is reading fun, but it is also really good for you.  Educationally speaking, there is little debate that time spent reading for pleasure is closely correlated to, and even predictive of, many metrics of academic success.  

    To share the joy of reading, let’s show each other what we’ve stacked up to read over the next few months. Please take a look at what’s filling my bedside table and school bag in this photo. Whether you are a student or parent, I hope you see a few good recommendations from me; I anticipate great suggestions from you! I challenge each of you to send in pictures of your stacks and, better yet, pictures of you reading over our upcoming breaks.  What and where will we read? I can’t wait to find out! You can email your photos to Director of Communication Robert Ankrom ( so he can share to social media. #PineSchoolReads

    To the adults, a huge part of raising and teaching children is modeling behavior we want to see. Let’s make sure we are reading, especially with our children and to our children, whenever we can. I would like us all to commit to reading one book together this spring. My colleagues and I, along with Parents’ Association leadership, have selected Carol Dweck’s Mindset for our first community read. Please read or listen to it by April 6th, the day we will have our Lower School reading celebration. We will organize discussion times after that date so we can reflect on Mindset and the takeaways relevant to us as we partner to educate Pine’s students. 

    Happy reading!

    Binney Caffrey, Head of School

  • Student Musicians Receive Superiors And Excellents

    Pine School students performed solos at the District's MPAs (Music Performance Assessment) - with all receiving the top two ratings of Excellent and Superior. Congratulations to: Michael Boyd, Lily Cave, Ryan Coolidge, Michael DiEgidio, Noah Kalter, Grace Kennedy, Andie Smith, Hannah Squier, Cat Villano, and Jack Vrana.

    This assessment, which is open to all schools in the district, attracts hundreds of students. Students play their chosen music in front of a judge who assess them using a performance rubric.

    “Attending events such as this helps students improve on their musicality as individuals,” shared band director Dorothy Castle. “Their hard work and dedication shined as they represented The Pine School beautifully.”  

  • Student Artists Score At Regional Scholastic Art Awards

    The Pine School once again swept up at the Regional Scholastic Art Awards!

    Four Gold Key Awards, the highest honor, were bestowed. Sophomore Allison Sanchez walked away with 3 (a Pine School first!) while Junior Olivia Siegel earned 1. Their pieces will now be judged at the National level.

    Seniors Ali McClimond & Emily Smith - Juniors Ryan Ehrlich, Jacqueline Rouse, Alyssa Schoettle, & Macy Washer - Sophomores Maddy McDonald & Robert Upton and Freshman Teagan Habicht earned a range of Silver Key Awards and Honorable Mention nods.

    The opening reception for the exhibit will be February 24th at The Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach and the show will continue through March 9th.

    “I'm so very proud and excited about the results,” shared art teacher Maria Miele. “This is a great opportunity for our students to see their work in a beautiful gallery setting and hear from art experts in our region about why their work is worthy for such attention and accolades.”

  • Class Of 2018 College Commitments Begin

    The Pine School has a long-standing tradition of graduates benefiting from the expertise and personalized approach of College Counselor Janet Pacifico. 100% of all graduates have been accepted to some of the country’s finest colleges and universities - with an impressive 93% attending their first-choice schools.

    As a salute to the talents and hard work of our seniors, we plan to share news as these students make the big decision of committing to schools.

    “The class of 2018 was the first class to have all students complete their top choice applications by November 15th,” shared Pacifico. “They were focused and targeted in their choices and are reaping the benefits of early acceptances.”

    Congratulations to:

    Claire Barber - Colorado College. Claire has served as the Head Girl Prefect her Senior year. As strong of an athlete as a scholar, Claire was the Cross Country Captain where she became District Champion and qualified for States. She also qualified for States in Track and played Varsity Soccer and Lacrosse.

    Melissa Coolidge - University of Colorado-Boulder. Melissa serves as the student face of the Admission Office as the Ambassador Prefect. Additionally, she has played on virtually every Varsity team offered including Volleyball, Cheer, Cross Country, Soccer, Lacrosse, & Track.

    Lauren DiMare - Boston University. A stellar student, Lauren has earned an exceptional reputation with her teachers. She is also a member of the U-Knight Prefect Committee.

    JJ. LaCorte - Wesleyan University. A true athletic leader, J.J. has served as the Athletic Prefect his Senior year and is the Varsity Soccer Captain. He also has been heavily involved in student life and has participated in the School musical.

    Ali McClimond - Savannah College of Ast and Design. There isn’t much that Ali hasn’t done as a Pine School Knight. In addition to serving as the Communication Prefect, Ali graduated the Martin Youth Leadership Program, has been honored with Scholastic Art Awards, and was part of the MIT InvenTeam. Ali also was a member of both the Cross Country and Cheerleading Varsity teams.

    Colby Mortell - Texas Christian University. Colby is a Pine School Lifer and is spending his Senior year serving as Head Student Life Prefect. He has also been a member of the Lacrosse and Soccer Varsity teams and was a Rotary Youth Leadership Junior staff member.

    Kassie Teklinski - Lynn University. Kassie has participated in the arts in both the drama club and the Arts Prefect Committee. She also finds time to help with the Outreach Prefect Committee and has played Varsity Tennis.

    Christopher Textor - Wesleyan University. This Lifer truly defines the balance between excelling in academics, athletics and arts. In addition to serving as the Head Boy Prefect, Christopher is a Captain on both the Varsity Soccer and Cross Country teams, earning a State qualification in the later. On the art front, he was nominated for a mARTie award and played in the band, jazz ensemble, and Steel Pan. He was also a member of the MIT InvenTeam.

    Bryn Vrana - University of Tampa. Bryn is a member of the Varsity Volleyball team, where she has served as a team leader. She has also been part of the Ambassador Prefect Committee.

    We look forward to sharing more good news as students continue to make decisions.

  • 100 Years Of Cars Draws Record-Breaking Crowd

    The 11th annual 100 Years of Cars Show, aided by picture perfect weather, drew a record-breaking 1,400 visitors to The Pine School’s beautiful campus. Guests enjoyed a wide range of antique, classic, and cutting-edge cars and vehicles.

    Highlights included a K-9 demonstration by the Martin County Sheriff Department, a kid’s section that included bounce-houses and a car to paint. Over $41,000 was raised in support of The Pine School’s Patriot Scholarship - providing merit support to attend the School for children of active military and veterans.

    “This is always such a positive event,” shared Director of Development Kelly Hilton-Green. “It is always made a rousing success with the support we receive - from our lead sponsor Waters Edge Dermatology to our small army of volunteers.”

    Photos from the event can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • TC Palm Recognizes Varsity Athletes & Coaches

    TC Palm has recognized a large number of Pine School students for their exceptional efforts in a range of fall Varsity sports. This recognition includes all high schools from Vero Beach to Hobe Sound. Golfers Garrett Barber and Andie Smith were both selected as Player of the Year Finalists, while Cross Country Coach Beth Lettengarver was honored as Cross Country Coach of the Year for the third straight season.

    “These honors are a real testament to how accomplished and dedicated our athletes and coaches are,” shared Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli.

    Congratulations to:

    Garrett Barber: Player of the Year Finalist for Boys Golf

    Andie Smith: Player of the Year Finalist for Girls Golf

    Zach Fineberg: 1st Team All-Area Selection for Boys Golf

    Caroline Patterson: 1st Team All-Area Selection for Girls Golf

    Jue Wen: 1st Team All-Area Selection for Girls Golf

    Claire Barber: 1st Team All-Area for Girls Cross Country

    Christopher Textor: Honorable Mention All-Area Selection for Boys Cross Country

    Lucas Pereira: Honorable Mention All-Area Selection for Boys Cross Country

    Acklen Howell: Honorable Mention All-Area Selection for Volleyball


    Coach Lettengarver: Boys Cross Country Coach of the Year (for the third straight season)

    Coach Fineberg: Girls Golf Coach of the Year

  • Holiday Service Sets Stage For The Season

    In keeping with the annual tradition of gathering prior to winter break to celebrate the coming holidays, The Pine School community held its Holiday Service - an opportunity for students, faculty and parents to reflect upon the spirit of the season.

    The centerpiece of the service is the opening processional with each student delivering a donated toy for needy local children through local organizations United Way of Martin County’s White Doves and Natives Helping Natives.

    “Year after year, The Pine School stands as a true educational leader in truly recognizing the meaning of this time of year in giving back to those that are less fortunate,” said Carol Hodnett, United Way’s VP of Community Impact.

    The Service also includes holiday readings and a spirited all-School rendition of “The 12 Days Of Christmas”, with each Grade level taking one of the days - a tradition started by former Head Phyllis Parker, who was in attendance. The day’s festivities also included a Cookie Sale and Cookie Social hosted by the Parents Association.

    “I’ve been swept up into the holiday season by this community,” shared Head of School Binney Caffrey in her address. “And why should I be surprised? After all, schools are indeed magical places; it turns out The Pine School really knows how to do the holiday magic.”

    Finally, as a follow-up to the toy donations, the 5th Grade class traveled to the White Doves distribution center in Stuart to get a deeper understanding on the positive impact the School’s donations make. They toured the facility and had the opportunity to ask questions about the process.

    “Their questions were so thoughtful and genuine,” reflected Hodnett.

    All in all - definitely a perfect way to fully become present as we enter this special time of year.

    Photos from the day can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Talent Shines At Winter Concert

    The annual K-12 Winter Concert provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the talents of our students and was a huge success.

    Under the direction of Music Directors John Barnes and Dorothy Castle, students Grades K-12 dazzled a packed house with a range of holiday numbers performed by the various ensembles that make up The Pine School's Performing Arts program.

    From Chorus and Band to Recorders and Knights of Steel, the talent shone brightly.

    "Students of all levels worked hard in band this year leading up to the show," shared Castle. "They have come a long way since August and we were excited to showcase that talent and dedication."

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Students Participate In The Hour Of Code

    It is National Computer Science Education Week and Pine School students, along with tens of millions of students in over 180 countries, are participating in The Hour Of Code - a one-hour coding challenge at the centerpiece of this worldwide event.

    Following the lead of Technology Director Paul Needham, various science and computer teachers in all Grades are working with students on a range of activities - from introducing basics & exploring virtual reality to coding challenges & creating their own games.

    “This kind of dedicated time to these skills absolutely helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity,” shared Needham. “By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path."

    The Pine School took the approach of exposing students to coding via gamification using guided lessons geared toward game, app, or logo creation. Students were also introduced to Virtual Reality simulations such as a "Space Walk" on the International Space Station or via exploratory expeditions to other states or countries.  The basis of these VR experiences were tied back into coding and its role in the future of Virtual Reality simulations or technologies and their impact on our future.

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Happy Thanksgiving From The Pine School

    The Pine School wishes you and yours a happy and safe Thanksgiving!

    Enjoy our special Thanksgiving video.

    The genesis of this video started with Assistant Head of School Nathan Washer with his tradition of reading the poem "Best Thanksgiving" as we approached the holidays. The sentiment certainly speaks to our School-Community feel and we sincerely share it with all of you.

  • Veterans Honored At Annual Assembly

    Among the many annual events The Pine School takes pride in featuring, our Veterans Day Assembly certainly is the most revered. Each November, the entire School community gathers to honor and pay tribute to those men and women who have served our country.

    “The focus of this annual event is simple,” said Academic Dean and Assembly Coordinator Sean Carlson. “We gather to honor our heroes, to remember their achievements, their courage and dedication, and to say thank you for their sacrifices.”

    This year’s Assembly included a moving address by our own Middle School Spanish teacher and Army Veteran Jaimal Page. Jaimal served 6 years in the U.S. Army under the military intelligence branch as a Signals Intelligence Analyst and both a Korean and Spanish linguist. He was originally stationed at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, CA where he successfully completed the Korean basic course. While stationed at Ft. Lewis Army base in Washington state, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant under Alpha Company 125th Military Intelligence Battalion, which later became 184th Military Intelligence Company under the 25th Infantry Division. His job during this time concentrated on gathering real time information on enemy units via various Signals Intelligence resources. During his enlistment, he received 2 Army Achievement medals along with numerous awards for leadership and occupational excellence. He was honorably discharged after fulfilling his enlistment contract and used the G.I. Bill to help him complete his bachelors and masters degrees.  

    “Although my identity has changed from "Sarge" to "Señor" and my uniform has changed from green to blue and gold, I still proudly serve a role in achieving a much bigger goal I hold very dear,” shared Page. “To my students I say, be all you can be and the world will be a better place and thank you for it.”

    Additionally, the program included performances by the Pine School band & choir and a Lower School musical tribute. Junior Gabriel Tettamanti also read the Presidential Proclamation and John McCrae's "In Flanders Fields” was read by members of the Class of 2023.

    The event also provides a perfect opportunity to invite guests to join us for our fall Open House.

    Photos from the Assembly can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Science Knight Highlights Student Learning

    Science Knight has quickly become a much-anticipated new Pine School tradition.

    Under the direction of Department Chair Tessie Kerslake, the evening allows family and friends as well as students of all grade levels to see Pine School science in action - while especially allowing younger students to get excited about the science they they will be participating in as they continue their scientific studies at The Pine School.

    The projects displayed - presented by 5th and 6th Grade - showcased their learning about the scientific method and experimentation. Wandering “judges” circulated to ask questions and see results up close.

    Some additional touches included 7th Grade students roaming around as the scientists they learned about while enhancing their research skills an interdisciplinary project that infused Science and English. Additionally, Middle School students shared the electronic invention tools they have been using in their STEM class. High School students demonstrated what they are learning about programming and coding with demonstrations of the TI Rover to draw letters as well as shared updates on their water quality monitoring invention "Jack and Rose" that they took to MIT this past summer thanks to the MIT-Lemelson grant that they were awarded. Other interactive STEM and science tables allowed Lower School students to participate and become inventors themselves.

    “Each year the science department commits to growing stronger and giving our students new experiences  to enhance their love for science,” summed up Kerslake.

    Photos from the evening can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Celebrating A State Champion

    The entire Pine School community gathered to recognize Senior Garrett Barber and his Golf State Championship.

    Lining the walkway to the gym, students and faculty cheered Garrett as he made his way inside. The event included opportunities for both Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli and Varsity Golf Coach Ryan Chrysler to share thoughts on Garrett and his accomplishments.

    “Simply put, Garrett works hard at his game - while also maintaining an impressive balance of academics - harder than just about any high school student-athlete that I have ever know,” shared Sofarelli.

    Garrett fielded some questions from members of the Lower School and then gave them a chance to see his State Championship medal up close.

    The event then segued into Garrett's signing ceremony with LSU, complete with a cake and plenty of time for photos and congratulations.

    Photos of the event can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Senior Garrett Braber Wins Golf State Championship

    Senior Garrett Barber has won the boys Class 1a Golf State Championship.

    Barber shot a sizzling 134 score for the 36-hole competition. The local golf phenom shot 3-under 69 in the first round, then pulled away from the field by shooting 7-under 65 in the second round. The State Golf Championship was played at Mission Inn Resort in Howie-In- the-Hills.

    “This is an amazing achievement for Garrett and it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving kid,” shared Pine School Athletic Director Matt Sofarelli. “This accomplishment coupled with his signing to LSU’s Golf Team is a true testament to the hard work and dedication he has put forth. The Pine School couldn’t be prouder.”

    Garrett Barber has played in the Junior Presidents Cup and the United States Amateur and is signing to LSU’s Golf Team.

    The Girls Varsity Team, in their first year, finished 5th in the state out of 16 teams competing. Andie Smith finished 10th and Jue Wen shot a hole-in-one on the 6th hole.

  • Happy Halloween

    Halloween celebrations at The Pine School are taken very seriously.

    The traditions start with the annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest. Faced with the nearly impossible job of selecting standouts among the many amazing entries, this year’s judges  persevered and selected winners in a range of categories and divisions.

    2nd Grader Olivia Gordon with her creation “All Hallows’ Eve in Neverland” walked away with the best-overall creation, while Mrs. Davis and her students earned the coveted Best Class Design.

    Thanks to Jennifer Ahern, Jessica Bohner, Elisabeth Glynn, Carol Houwaart-Diez, and Kim Waser for their dedicated service as this year’s judges.

    In addition to tons of creative costumes, Grades Kindergarten through 4th stage a special Halloween Ceremony - featuring musical numbers led by music teacher John Barnes.

    The fun doesn’t stop there.

    The Senior Class then hosted a special trunk-or-treat for the younger students complete with tunes performed by the Jazz Ensemble led by music teacher Dorothy Castle.

    Photos of Pumpkin Decorating Contest.

    Photos of Halloween celebrations.

  • Zombie Knight Run's Terrifying Success

    The Pine School hosted another installment of their Zombie Knight Run and Haunted House. It is fair to say that the fright and fun level was all the way up to 11. Over 330 runners participated and did their best to avoid the army of zombies that descended on the campus.

    “Although the Knight Run has been a long tradition at The Pine School, the Zombie-themed race has proven to be the most popular,” shared Race Chair Jodi Gaines. “Our goal is to always add a little something extra to keep things interesting.”

    The Varsity Cross Country team, who recently won the District Championship, had been infected with the Zombie virus, so race runners had to have some serious moves and fast feet to get around them and keep their flags. That, coupled with an incredibly scary Haunted House completely designed and orchestrated by a group of dedicated parent volunteers, made this year a big success.

    The Pine School wishes to thank its Sponsors Berkshire Hathaway (Team Honey), Fleet Feet Sports, Camp Mataponi, Cider Doughnuts, Mr. Foamer Signs, and Action Arbor Care for their support. Special thanks goes out to the Martin County Sheriff's Office for grilling hamburgers and hotdogs for the 2nd year in a row.

    Extra attractions included cool tunes being spun by DJ extraordinaire (and talented choir and music teacher) John Barnes as well as a visit from Big Dog Rescue.

    “We're already talking about plans for 2018, which will again have a Zombie theme with some additional obstacles,” added Gaines. "We hope to see even more of the community on the course next year."

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • French Students Travel To Epcot

    High School French students had the opportunity to practice and improve their conversational skills with native French speakers as they visited the French Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase.

    The trip was part of French teacher Maryse Hay’s on-going efforts to immerse students in language as well as French culture.

    “Giving the students the chance to think more deeply about their subject matter always returns positive results and inspires authentic learning,” shared Hay. “The fact that Disney hires native French citizens to man the attractions in the French Pavilion provided real-world applications for my students to converse and test what they’ve learned.”

    Students completed “interviews” with several of the French employees, using their phones to record & photograph images that the class will use for future vocabulary lessons. The trip also provided the chance for Hays (a French native herself) to share detailed insight to the architecture, history and customs displayed throughout the pavilion.

    “It was great to apply what we’ve learned outside of the classroom,” shared Junior Jacqueline Rouse. “It was very easy to get in the spirit surrounded by the feel and look of France.”

    Photos of the trip can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • InvenTeam Presents At Area Science Festival

    Members of The Pine School InvenTeam (the only FL School team selected to earn a MIT-Lemelson Foundation grant) and Karlheinz Haas' STEM class spent their Saturday in Ft. Pierce to showcase their invention, "Jack and Rose," (a water content monitoring system) at the 2017 Indian River Lagoon Science Festival.  The Festival featured a variety of science & technology-related exhibits, all with the goal of making science accessible, relevant and fun for both children and adults.  

    "It was great to watch both the new students and the 'veterans' share their excitement about our InvenTeam project with kids and adults alike who came to our booth," shared Haas.  "You could tell how proud they were when visitors asked about their School and the programs we have to offer."

    In addition to students working the actual exhibit, the event was also attended by many Pine School families as well as Science Department Chair Tessie Kerslake and History teacher Nathaniel Osborn.

    “No matter their grade level, students are increasingly aware that what they do in school should matter in the real world,” summed up Kerslake. “Giving students the opportunity to share with others what they are learning and how they have applied it ensures that they recognize the relevance of their classroom lessons.”

  • Support The 17-18 Annual Fund Today

    There is still time to support The Pine School and make a donation to this year's Annual Fund.

    The Pine School Annual Fund Program is a mutual relationship in which you are encouraged to find a level of support that will meet your family’s philanthropic passion. 

    Your support helps us provide extraordinary educational opportunities to students from K through grade 12. In addition, it helps us host a variety of community events that draw positive attention to our school, including the Evening at Auction, 100 Years of Cars, Knight Run, Evening of the Arts, Athletic Banquet, Golf Tournament, and more.

    Make your secure online gift today.

    Enjoy our Annual Fund video short.

  • Seniors And Freshmen Commit To Morning Of Service

    The Senior and Freshman Classes spent time off-campus participating in community service. These efforts are part of The Pine School’s commitment to Learning Through Service.

    The Seniors continued work at the Banner Lake Kid's Club - the same location faculty dedicated service time during their pre-planning. They painted, organized books for the children’s library and helped to install a SmartBoard and computers donated by The Pine School.

    “The whole experience was so eye-opening,” shared Senior Ali McClimond. “Before I left I signed up to volunteer there on my own time and hope to coordinate my Senior Capstone Project around needs the Club has during the holidays.”

    The Freshmen traveled to the Treasure Coast Food Bank where they sorted produce, eyeglasses, and other donated items. They also received a tour of the facility.

    “I love seeing our students really connect with the contagious positive feeling that comes from giving back,” shared Director of Communications. Ankrom helped to organize the service projects and serves as the Membership Chair for The United Way of Martin County’s Leaders United group. “Each of these opportunities is another step in the right direction of building a complete service initiative that all of our students can benefit from.”

    Photos from the day can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • A Homecoming Celebration Second To None

    The Pine School’s Homecoming Week is all about celebrating school spirit and this year was no different.

    “I really love the way this entire week gives all of the students a chance to really feel proud about what a great school community we have,” shared Senior and Head Girl Prefect Claire Barber.

    A number of traditions make-up the fun and very busy week. To start with, each day has a specific theme to dictate student dress, all decided by the Senior Class. This year Magic, TV Shows, Year 2000 styles, and the Wilderness all were served up.

    Friendly competition also plays a big part of this special week. Boys volleyball, a 9-12 Grade Dodgeball tournament, and girls Powder Puff football all get their turn.

    Everything comes together on Friday with a blow-out of a day that really takes the Homecoming vibe over the top. Grades 9-12 each have to design their hallways to emulate the theme selected by the Seniors. This year it was American Cities with Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles & New Orleans being given the royal treatment.

    That fun is followed by an all-school pep rally that incorporates everything from tricycle races and pie eating contests to a dance off.

    This all leads up to the main event - our Girls Varsity Volleyball Homecoming game. This year they took on Berean Christian School with Varsity winning in nail-biting fashion - a thriller of a 3-2 game victory. It all concludes with a slip-n-slide and bonfire into the night.

    “Traditions like Homecoming really make up the fabric of what is so special and unique about The Pine School,” summed up Director of Admission Beth Lettengarver.

    Enjoy photos from the week on our Flickr page.

    Homecoming game/Varsity Volleyball

    Homecoming Pep Rally

    Homecoming Hallway Decorations

  • Exciting Summer 2018 Trips Announced

    The Pine School will be hosting two exciting opportunities during the summer of 2018 for students to explore different countries and cultures.

    Trip One
    Destination: Quebec/Montreal/Tadousac
    Dates: June 7-11, 2018
    Cost: $1,946
    Chaperones: Maryse Hay (French Teacher) and Robert Ankrom (Director of Communications)
    Open to: Current 7th Graders and up. Though French culture will be explored (with opportunities for language students to practice skills), this trip is not only for French students. Parents are welcome.
    Enrollment Deadline: October 31, 2017 (with $75 discount if signed-up by 9-30-17)

    Led by Madame Hay, who has made this trip with students before, the group will enjoy the discovery of French culture through exposure to history, culinary traditions, and architecture.

    Highlights include visiting the iconic Chateau Fontenacity, Plain of Abraham (complete with a battle re-enactment), spectacular Montmorency Falls, whale watching at the mouth of the Saint-Laurent river, Huron Indian village, a visit to the Olympic Stadium, dancing and maple syrup at a traditional “Sugar Shack”, and shopping at the famous underground mall in Montreal.

    Trip Two
    Destination: Peru
    Dates: June 11-19, 2018
    Cost: $3,300
    Chaperones: Spanish Teachers Kelly Kelly and Lillian Novoa and Kathy Moorman (History Teacher)
    Open to: Current 8th Graders and above. Though a Spanish speaking country (with opportunities for language students to practice skills), this trip is not only for Spanish students. Parents are welcome.
    Enrollment Deadline: October 31, 2017

    Peru is an awe-inspiring portal to the world of the Inca, one of the world's great ancient civilizations.  Students will see spellbinding sites like Machu Picchu, informative exhibits at Larco Museum, and monuments like Sacsayhuaman. There will also be a weaving demonstration, tour of a ceramics studio, an Indian market in Pisac, and a visit to the Maras salt ponds.

    Registration for both trips are currently open.

    For more information, address questions to:
    Quebec/Montreal - Maryse Hay
    Peru - Kelly Kelly

  • Students Recognized In Honor Assembly

    The Pine School held its annual fall Honor Assembly to recognize the grade-point averages of middle and high school students as well as achievements of AP Scholars.

    “This is a good opportunity to celebrate those that have worked hard to achieve this,” shared Academic Dean Sean Carlson. “It also helps to remind everyone that achievement lies in the journey and overcoming obstacles along the way.”

    The program also featured an address by Middle School Coordinator Sarah Visage and a musical performance by the band, under the direction of Dorothy Castle.

    “In the face of adversity - no matter how small or how large your goal - never ever give up.  Your journey, in the long run, will be the greatest reward,” summed up Visage.

    Photos can be seen on our Flickr page.

  • Pine School Students Enjoy Eclipse

    The entire Pine School community joined outside this afternoon to take in the beauty of the solar eclipse. The School’s Science Department secured special solar eclipse viewing glasses so that students were able view this astrological event in a safe and supervised environment.

    “The Pine School always strives to go beyond the classroom and teach our students through experiences,” shared Science Department Chair Tessie Kerslake. “This solar eclipse provides a teachable opportunity that the students will remember for a lifetime.”

    Hobe Sound had about 82.6 % sun coverage during the eclipse.

    Photos can be see on our Flickr page.

  • Class Retreats Start Year On The Right Foot

    With the school year barely underway, Grades 5-12 all took time to gather as individual classes for dedicated class retreats.

    "Affording our students, at the start of the school-year, with the opportunity to really focus on their individual Class goals is a real privilege," shared Dean of Students Ariel Chimelis. "The return on this is always extremely positive and truly helps to set the tone for a great year."

    The Senior Class traveled off-campus for an overnight stay at Lake Aurora, while Grades 5-11 enjoyed a range of activities on and off campus - including an overnight campus lock-in, community service, an Escape Room adventure, and other team-building.

    Enjoy a video short of the Senior Retreat.

    Enjoy photos from the Senior Retreat.

    Enjoy photos from Grade 5-11 Retreats.

  • Faculty Attend Project Zero Conference At Harvard

    For the third consecutive year, The Pine School sent a group of faculty to participate in and benefit from the renowned Project Zero Classroom Conference at the Harvard University School of Education. To date, over half of The Pine School’s faculty have been fortunate enough to attend this ground-breaking Education Conference.

    Meeting in intimate workshop groups, Pine School teachers had the hands-on chance to work with educators from around the world. Sessions focused on the principles of making learning visible, deeper understanding, and cross-curriculum collaboration - all focused on asking what constitutes an effective and powerful learning experience in the 21st century.

    Founded by the philosopher Nelson Goodman in 1967, Project Zero faculty focus their investigations and research on education in the arts, the nature of intelligence, understanding, thinking, and creativity. The organization has published over 90 books and hundreds of articles on these subjects and, in addition to online courses, hosts the annual Project Zero Classroom Conference at Harvard to bring together educators from all over the world.

    The following are brief reflections from this year’s participants.

    Robert Ankrom, Director of Communications - As someone who doesn’t teach, I knew I’d be exposed to a range of language and ideas at the Conference, but wasn’t exactly sure how the experience would inform my approach as a member of the Senior Administrative team. I am returning to The Pine School invigorated for the coming school-year in very profound and exciting ways. My deeper understanding of the Project Zero approaches will serve as an important tool in better recognizing and sharing the many practices that our teachers have already begun to put into effect.

    Kristin Davis, 2nd Grade Teacher - The knowledge that I gained from the faculty and educators from around the world not only confirmed my beliefs regarding education, but created a renewed sense of excitement and clarity for the upcoming school year.  I intend to continue to develop  a culture of thinking in my classroom in which my students are aware of multiple perspectives and learning is deep, mindful, relevant, and long lasting.  I am looking forward to sharing thoughts and ideas with colleagues throughout the year as we continue to build a "Culture of Thinking" within our school community.

    Kathy Moormann, History Teacher - Empowering today's learners evolved as the focus of Project Zero for me this week.  Extended reading and reflection on the wealth of information shared is essential but I am dedicated to incorporating the routines, frameworks, and purposeful thinking activities to nurture a culture of thinking and understanding in my classes.  

    Steve Naumann, Fine Arts Department Chair - I've spent quite a bit of time, since returning from Project Zero, reflecting on the experience. Project Zero has helped give a tangible identity to the qualities of teaching that I have always valued and that have always been present in my work, yet never in as clear of a manifestation as I'd like. I look forward to reworking how I ask my students to think and encourage inquisition above production of an "end product" in my classes. The value of reflection as an essential tool to understand stood out to me above all else at Project Zero, and is the main element I will work to ingrain in my classroom.

    Nathaniel Osborn, History Teacher - Project Zero is not one thing, but an entire ecosystem of interrelated initiatives and projects all based on the simple question: "How do we help our students really, deeply, understand?" Rather than simply offering some formulas and methods, Project Zero promotes a very simple mindset. As teachers, we can rush to "cover" our curriculum, and the onslaught of topics can sometimes leave true understanding by the wayside. Project Zero Classroom 2017 stressed that messy process of critical thinking is the goal of education, not simply capturing a body of content. 

    Suzanne Otero, Lower School Coordinator - I feel that this year's program brought new insight into my practice as an Administrator as we seek to create a School that values and seeks to embrace a Culture of Thinking. Our Pine School team spent time in conversation and discussion surrounding our learning - deepening our thoughts on what it means to build our practices around a culture of thinking and learning. Our energy and excitement were palpable.

    Jaimal Page, Spanish Teacher - I am excited and optimistic about starting a new school year after being given an amazing opportunity to attend Project Zero. My mindset has evolved substantially and I look forward to the discussions and collaboration which will occur throughout the year with all my colleagues at The Pine School. I am dedicated to making sure all learners learn everyday in my classroom, see the purpose in their learning, go in depth about topics they value, and reflect on their experiences in order to become better students and better citizens.

    Maryese Peressin-Hay, French Teacher - I can’t think of a better gift you make to an educator than to enable him/her to access a haven of knowledge such as Project Zero. I am eager to pass it on further to our community of learners and parents. Being surrounded by so much brain power in action that ignites continuous sparks in an educator's mind is a unique experience. It triggers myriads of new ideas ready to be shared and enjoyed together in our classrooms. Our team of colleagues left Project Zero full of excitement, hope and curiosity - with renewed energy and passion for our jobs. We are ready and eager to take our stakeholders on board with us and continue the journey through Project Zero together.

    Greg Squier, English Department Chair - As someone who is dedicated to fostering innovative and effective thinking, I would encourage everyone in our community to read Ron Ritchhart's book, Creating Cultures of Thinking. This book is at the center of the Project Zero solar system and it is a powerful tool for empowering thought.  These ideas, along with the abundant energy, diversity, and knowledge brought by teachers from around the world, made for an inspiring week at Project Zero.

    All faculty expressed extreme gratitude to the generous anonymous gift to the School which has allowed The Pine School’s continued participation in this important and prestigious conference.

  • Be Part Of Our Summer Of Service

    Last summer The Pine School started a new tradition of having members of our student body (and their families) share opportunities they had to give back - here at home or elsewhere. The response was so tremendous and was such a strong catalyst for a great year of Learning Through Service, that we have decided to make it a regular thing.

    Be sure to share any photos of you participating in any kind of service project. We will post to social media throughout the summer. Those can be emailed to #PineSummerOfService

  • InvenTeam Represents School And Florida At MIT EurekaFest

    The Pine School’s InvenTeam spent an exciting and informative time this past week at the Lemelson-MIT EurekaFest in Boston. The conference is described as a multi-day celebration designed to empower a legacy of inventors through activities that inspire youth, honor role models, and encourage creativity and problem solving.

    “Our team was so grateful and thrilled about being able to attend this unique event,” shared rising Sophomore Allison Sanchez.

    The Pine School was the only School from Florida selected to participate in this prestigious and dynamic conference.

    In addition to presenting on their work to monitor water content in the Indian River Lagoon, the group met with students and faculty from around the country.

    “This is truly a one-of-a-kind experience for these students,” added science and math teacher Karlheinz Hass who, along with history teacher Nathaniel Osborn, served as the team sponsor. “Being selected to attend speaks volumes about the strength of our School’s academics and the overall commitment of our students.”

    “I am so proud of the team,” summed up team leader and recent Pine School Graduate Madeleine Uible. “We have really come a long way in just a short amount of time and it was such a rewarding opportunity to show everyone at EurekaFest what we have accomplished.”

  • Final Message From Head Of School

    Phyllis Parker has served The Pine School for 26 years, 5 of those as Head of School. On the occasion of her retirement, please enjoy this tribute video.

    The following is Mrs. Parker's final Message from Head post:

    Transitions and change are positive for an organization that has their eye on the future. The Pine School, over the past decade has endured and conquered, alongside the Martin and Palm Beach area, hurricanes, economic downturns, personnel upheavals, and physical moves, as well as enjoyed and thrived in a beautiful environment, an economic recovery, personnel changes, and overall growth.

    The Pine School is welcoming a new Head of School July 1. Mrs. Binney Caffrey is an articulate, seasoned educator who is coming to lead a school in the area in which she grew up. We are all delighted with the choice of the Board of Trustees and we have embraced her and her family in her visits she has made to the school since her hiring in the fall. The school is poised for a new chapter of growth and excellence and the students and families who are a part of this school family should be excited and eager.

    Working in education provides the opportunity to do far more than just teaching a subject.  It’s more than a job.  When education is your life’s work, you have the opportunity to make a lasting difference. You have the opportunity to make an important contribution. Your legacy counts.

    I am proud to have been the 13th and first woman Head of School for The Pine School. During my five years as Head, we have accomplished much together as a school family. A dedicated Board of Trustees has successfully lead us all to a financially stable school that is poised for additional growth. I hope in my years here to have made a difference; to have my professional life to have counted for something bigger than me. My wish for the school is and has been for my twenty-six years, to be true to our mission of promoting academic excellence within a challenging, supportive and moral environment that fosters the development of mind, body and spirit.

    Positive transition and change involves dedicated people.  What really matters is the people. If we each make a daily promise to treat people with all the care and concern we possibly can and stay true to our founding school mission, we will see progress and success like never before.

    Best Wishes for the future of The Pine School.

    Possunt Quia Posse Videntur