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Welcome to The Pine School health clinic pages. Please take a moment to read about the clinic and the services that are offered. Pages regarding different topics related to health are on the list of links at the end of this page.

The Health Clinic is open every school day from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Health services will not be provided during any after school/auxiliary activities.

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School Nurse

The Pine School nurse is a registered nurse who provides health services to students and employees during the school day with the goal of maximizing academic and character growth through caring for physical needs. Student health, safety and promotion of a healthy learning environment are her primary concerns.

The school nurse is authorized to make medical referrals for illnesses or injuries that occur during school hours only. For illnesses or injuries that occur away from school, please contact your physician for medical assistance. The school nurse cannot make a medical diagnosis. Clients are seen on a first come first-served basis as they sign in except in the case of an emergency, which will take precedence.  There is no charge for nursing services provided by the Health Clinic.

The individual seen by the nurse is responsible for follow up care and the cost of outside treatment.  While The Pine School provides these nursing services, the individual is ultimately responsible for the health of the student or self.

The school nurse:

  • Provides nursing care for injuries and illnesses which occur during school hours
  • Administers physician prescribed and over the counter medications provided by parents during school hours
  • Provides care for students with diabetes, asthma, severe allergies, seizures and other special health concerns
  • Develops Individualized Health Plans as needed
  • Monitors student medical records for compliance with federal and state laws and school policy
  • Serves as a liaison between students, parents, teachers, administrators and health care providers
  • Nursing will offer preventative health care instruction to students on an as needed basis.  Topics may include:
    • The use of hand sanitizer in classrooms
    • Backpack safety
    • Personal hygiene and puberty (grade 5)

School Nurse Contact Information:

Kandis Torchia
FAX- 772-675-7006