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Academic SupportAll children have the potential for excellence. The Pine School is committed to this belief and has developed an educational program and environment that fosters each child’s growth and challenges each child to reach his or her potential.

Using the latest brain research, teachers integrate differentiated learning strategies throughout the curriculum. Faculty members receive ongoing education on the best ways to address the individual differences of students and to develop appropriate learning experiences for students with differing learning styles. Students learn how to learn, preparing themselves to be effective life-long learners.

The Academic Center provides an intense program for specific students who need remedial assistance with essential skills such as reading and writing. It also serves students who have high achievement in one or more academic areas.

A team led by the Learning Specialist develops a child’s learning profile that includes the student’s strengths and natural interests. The Student Support Team develops a plan that matches the student’s specific academic ability, developmental level and intellectual potential.

Within the Academic Center and within each classroom, The Pine School gives students an opportunity to try out different learning strategies, to know which ones are most effective for that particular student, and to understand the range of learning styles that occur in any group situation.