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Welcome International Students to The Pine School!

Bienvenidos! Bienvenue! Valkommen! Huanying guanglin! Willkommen!

InternationalThe Pine School is proud of its global approach to living and learning.  There are a number of families that have come to us from various countries to live in the beauty of South Florida and have their children attend The Pine School.  We have families from Sweden, England, South Africa, Russia, The Netherlands and more.  Additionally, since 2005 we have welcomed students from other nations like Germany, Turkey, Chile, China and more to study, work and play at The Pine School while living with host families.  Some choose to attend for a semester while others stay for several years to be members of graduating classes.  

During the summer break, our own students often participate in school sanctioned travel abroad programs touring other nations to learn firsthand about other cultures, languages and history.  Interacting on a daily basis with classmates from across the globe here and abroad, not only provides a great experience for the International students but also raises global exchange opportunities for our entire school community.

InternationalIf you are an International student and would like to apply to The Pine School please visit our Admissions Process page to begin the process of admission. 

All international students will be required to submit an application online as well as current TOEFL scores.  For more information on TOEFL exam date and locations, please call 609.771.7100 or visit  A letter from a financial institution stating the family has sufficient funds to cover tuition and expenses, a requirement for the U.S. student visa process (I-20) along with a certified translated copy of the applicant's transcripts and current grades must also accompany the application.

3WThe Pine School partners with Three W International to provide comprehensive international student enrollment management to students from China and Brazil.  Together, we are able to provide unparalleled support and service to our international students, from general admissions to post-arrival and beyond.  If you are a student from China or Brazil and are interested in applying to The Pine School, please contact Three W International at

You may also contact our Designated International Admissions Liaison, Cara Moro, at the email address below:

The Pine School, em parceria com a Three W International, oferece o gerenciamento completo do processo de inscrição dos estudantes estrangeiros provenientes do Brasil. Juntos, fornecemos suporte e atendimento incomparáveis para nossos estudantes estrangeiros, do processo geral de admissão até o momento após chegada e depois disso. Se você é um estudante estrangeiro interessado em estudar na The Pine School, entre em contato com a Three W International através do site

Você também pode entrar em contato com nossa Agente de Admissões Internacionais, Ms. Cara Moro, pelo e-mail abaixo:

The Pine School 与3W国际公司合作,为来自中国 的学生提供综合的国际学生招生管理服务。同时,我们能够为国际学生提供从招生到抵美接机等无以伦比的支持与服务。如果您是对该校 The Pine School 感兴趣的国际学生,请登录3W国际公司网站 .

您也可以联系我们的国际招生联络官Cara Moro女士,邮箱地址如下

Ms. Cara Moro
Designated Admissions Liaison (Agente de Admissões)