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Academics LSSpend a little time with our Lower School students and we're sure you'll quickly see that there is something pretty amazing happening at The Pine School.

We certainly provide an academically rigorous setting but wow, do we have a lot of fun!

Our children have the opportunity to learn in exciting and dynamic ways each and every day. From the 3rd Grade's State Fair (where students work as partners to create games about the United States) to 2nd Grade's Dinosaur Museum (with students collaborating in small groups to challenge museum visitor's with student-created trivia questions about the lives of Dinosaurs). Or our 3rd Grade Poetry Slams and the creation of Rube Goldberg machines in 4th Grade. Students are immersed in the communication and collaborative skills that they will need to thrive in a 21st-century environment without sacrificing their love for learning. We go way beyond just teaching to a test.

"From Kindergarten through 4th Grade, teachers work to help each student discover and cultivate their potential for learning," shared Lower School Coordinator Suzanne Otero. "Through collaborative projects, students learn how to work with one another - listening to and sharing ideas. Character education is infused throughout the day as children interact and learn how to get along with others."

Simply put - We provide our students with the skills to creatively solve problems by engaging them in real-world, hands-on experiences that build resilience and growth.

In addition to our daily classroom experiences, each week our students participate in Q.U.E.S.T enrichment classes such as art, music, physical education, library, fine arts and S.T.E.M. lab, all in support of our school mission to encourage the development of the whole child.  Our Lower School curriculum includes strong academic expectations and experiences that work together to build our student's love for learning, confidence and academic abilities.

Academics LSKindergarten

The Pine School houses an impressive dedication to their Kindergarten program.

Our Kindergarten program is designed to promote and stimulate growth in the five main areas child development including cognitive, social and emotional, speech and language and physical growth (small and gross motor). During these developmental years, children thrive in our nurturing atmosphere as we work together towards the growth of the whole child. Classroom teachers, along with assistant teachers, engage our children in a theme-based curriculum that is fun and challenging utilizing our indoor and outdoor classroom environments.

Pine School Kindergartners attend art, music, physical education and technology classes. Academics and social skill development are a daily focus and there are many opportunities during the year for children to perform for their peers, parents, and grandparents as they develop confidence in their public speaking and presentation. We invite your kindergarten child to join us on a journey that begins at age five and leads to a life-long love of learning.

Academics LSGrades 1-4

We encourage our students to reach their highest potential by providing each student with a fun, creative and challenging environment for learning. The formative and impressionable years between Grades 1 and 4 provide the academic foundation to develop each child’s unique potential.

Skills that are introduced in kindergarten, grade one and grade two are then applied in grades three and four. Independent and group projects, field trips, community outreach, inviting classrooms, and a broad range of teaching techniques support the curriculum in each of our classes. Grade 3 and Grade 4 benefit from departmentalized instruction for the four core subjects of Science, Math, English and Social Studies. Throughout the school year, various grade-level and school-wide programs provide our Lower School students with the opportunity to exercise their leadership abilities as well to practice their presentation skills. We are working to building self-confidence and strengthening self-image.

Our experienced and dedicated faculty strives daily to promote academic excellence within a challenging, supportive, and moral environment that fosters the development of mind, body, and spirit. Each year brings more thought-provoking experiences to stimulate and satisfy students’ natural curiosity as we prepare them for Middle and Upper School.