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  Name Title Group
Megan Alvarado Alvarado, Megan Music Faculty Fine Arts, K-4
Carol Dee Ankrom Ankrom, Carol Dee Admissions Associate Administration
Robert Ankrom Ankrom, Robert Director of Communications Administration
Kayla Berger Berger, Kayla Director of Academic Services Academic Center
Carolyn Bogaski Bogaski, Carolyn Science Department Chair Science
John Boyer Boyer, John Director of Development Administration
Kathleen Bracken Bracken, Kathleen Director of College Counseling Administration
Jackie Brownie Brownie, Jackie 4th Grade K-4
Omar Cabral Cabral, Omar World Languages Faculty World Languages
Binney Caffrey Caffrey, Binney Head of School Administration
Casse Carling Carling, Casse Learning Specialist Academic Center
Suzanne Carlino Carlino, Suzanne Lower School Director Administration, K-4
Kelly Carlson Carlson, Kelly Director of Finance Administration
Sean Carlson Carlson, Sean Academic Dean Administration, History
Page Cash Cash, Page Math Specialist Academic Center
Dorothy Castle Castle, Dorothy Middle School Dean Administration
Lauren Charlton Charlton, Lauren Mathematics Faculty Math
Valerie Cleghorn Cleghorn, Valerie Business Office Accounting Coordinator Administration
Michelle Curto Curto, Michelle K-6 Registrar Administration
Jill Dare Dare, Jill Human Resources Coordinator Administration
Kristin Davis Davis, Kristin Learning Specialist Academic Center, K-4
Nicole DeDominicis DeDominicis, Nicole English Faculty English
Anthony DiGiovanni DiGiovanni, Anthony Mathematics Faculty Math
Emily Faehnle Faehnle, Emily Fine Arts Faculty Fine Arts
Bonnie Fleming Fleming, Bonnie Administrative Assistant to Athletics Athletics
Kali Flood Flood, Kali 3rd Grade K-4
Michelle Foligno Foligno, Michelle Fine Arts Faculty Fine Arts
Mary Franks Franks, Mary Receptionist/Administrative Assistant Administration
Jonathan Garich Garich, Jonathan Athletics Faculty Athletics
Deborah Grodman Grodman, Deborah Administrative Assistant to Head of School Administration
Karlheinz Haas Haas, Karlheinz Math/Science/AP Administrator Math, Science
Theresa Hampton Hampton, Theresa 7-12 Registrar Administration
Brian Hayden Hayden, Brian Fine Arts Department Chair Fine Arts
Brian Hildebrand Hildebrand, Brian English Faculty English
Kelly Hilton-Green Hilton-Green, Kelly Assistant Head of School Administration
Diane Hollowell Hollowell, Diane Kindergarten K-4
Sonya Houseman Houseman, Sonya Mathematics Math
Tara Hughes Hughes, Tara 3rd Grade K-4
Katelyn Humphries Humphries, Katelyn 2nd Grade K-4
Amanda Jones Jones, Amanda Fine Arts Faculty Fine Arts
Heidi Kaye Kaye, Heidi Director of School Counseling Administration
Susan Keitel Keitel, Susan Staff Administration
Jessica Layman Layman, Jessica History Faculty History
Rachel Leggett Leggett, Rachel History Faculty History
Peter Lehman Lehman, Peter English Faculty English
Beth Lettengarver Lettengarver, Beth Director of Admission Administration
Tamara Litterick Litterick, Tamara Mathematics Department Chair Math
Michelle Long Long, Michelle Educational Assistant K-4
Victoria Lynch Lynch, Victoria Business Office Associate Administration
Pascale Marie-Luce Marie-Luce, Pascale World Languages Faculty World Languages
JT Mass Mass, JT Director of Facilities & Transportation Administration, Maintenance
Amy Mazzota Mazzota, Amy 1st Grade K-4
Jen McDonough McDonough, Jen Literacy Specialist K-4
Devin Mitchell Mitchell, Devin Athletics Faculty Athletics
Michael Morin Morin, Michael History Faculty History
Connor Mortell Mortell, Connor Academic Support Academic Center
Paul Needham Needham, Paul Director of Information Technology Administration, Technology
Hailley Nieves Nieves, Hailley Science Faculty Science
Nathaniel Osborn Osborn, Nathaniel History Department Chair History
Andrea Palmer Palmer, Andrea Nurse Administration
Maryse Peressin-Hay Peressin-Hay, Maryse World Languages Faculty World Languages
Natasha Piatrunia Piatrunia, Natasha Science Faculty Science
Laurie Rausch Rausch, Laurie Nurse Administration
Michael Rossi Rossi, Michael Music Faculty Fine Arts
Jorge Salas Salas, Jorge Director of Academic Technology Administration, Technology
Kelly Sanchez Sanchez, Kelly Tutor Academic Center
Laura Schwartz Schwartz, Laura World Languages Faculty World Languages
Jeffrey Shirk Shirk, Jeffrey Director of Athletics Athletics
Jessica Sines Sines, Jessica Development Coordinator Administration
Justine Snow Snow, Justine Science Faculty Science
Greg Squier Squier, Greg English Department Chair English
Tiffany Stephens Stephens, Tiffany World Languages Department Chair World Languages
Kyra Sullivan Sullivan, Kyra 4th Grade K-4
Amy Thoman Thoman, Amy English Faculty English
Stacy Thompson Thompson, Stacy Learning Specialist Academic Center
Kendra Thornton Thornton, Kendra Educational Assistant K-4
Jonathan Tolliver Tolliver, Jonathan Middle School Director Administration, History
Samantha Urso Urso, Samantha Kindergarten K-4
Jessica Ventura Ventura, Jessica Athletics Faculty Athletics
Sarah Vickers Vickers, Sarah History Faculty History
Mark Viscusi Viscusi, Mark Staff Maintenance
Lisa Vrana Vrana, Lisa Learning Specialist Academic Center
Kelsey Wilder Wilder, Kelsey 2nd Grade K-4
Patricia Woodbury Woodbury, Patricia Mathematics Faculty Math