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The Pine School's Board of Trustees is uniquely positioned to assure that students have access to opportunities that will challenge and inspire them and that parents have the opportunity to participate fully in their children's academic growth and development. Trustees serve as volunteers without compensation, except for the satisfaction of knowing they have played a critical role in the achievements of our students and the school as a whole.

The Board of Trustees has set an aggressive agenda for its members: to recruit and retain a superb faculty and administration; to encourage a curriculum that meets the 21st century needs of our students; to maintain excellence as the hallmark of the school; and to assure the financial stability of the school into the future.

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Debbie Textor, Chair
Kathleen Slater, Vice Chair
Sheila Levine, Secretary
Cris Branden, Treasurer


Board Members
Wendell Cave, Kimberly Crook, Amy Eversole, Colleen Goldman, Liza Hutchinson, Rich Kennedy, Jennifer Jones, Teresa Krastel, Nadine Macon, Don Mader, Justin McLane, Sandra Price, Michael Rhys, Cris Saia, Jack Schofield, Eric Wesel

Ex-Officio Members
Binney Caffrey, Head of School

Head of School Emerita
Phyllis Parker

Trustees Emeriti
Michael Baum, Casey Cummings, Alita Reed, Dale Hudson, S. Robert Rimer, Stuart Tenney, Lynda Carroll Whitfield