Arts in Lower School

Lower Arts


The Orff-Schulwerk approach is used in Kindergarten-4th grade music classes. Students in grades K-2 explore core musical elements rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and timbre through singing, playing instruments, movement, improvisation, drama, and children's literature. Recorder instruction begins in grade 3 and continues through grade 4 where it is used with Orff instruments, singing, and World Music Drumming. Chorus is offered as an elective to students in grades 3 and 4. All students in grades K-4 are featured in numerous musical performances throughout the school year.


Lower School art classes kick off with dynamic discussions that preface student art projects based on the elements of design:  line, color, shape, form, and texture. Students then roll up their sleeves and explore those elements in hands-on projects involving the use of clay, paints, beads, plaster, linoleum blocks, charcoal, and computers (to name just a few of our media).

Also, in true independent school fashion, we reach for more. Students are introduced to a number of significant artists, learning about the artists' childhoods, lives, and their innovative art. Students then try out some of those innovative techniques in their own art.


Pine School students also benefit from the opportunity to explore movement and dance. Younger students focus on gross motor skills (large muscle group) necessary for a range of activities. There is also a concentration on building and increasing their self confidence by performing on stage with peers.  Time is dedicated to choreographed dance which is performed in several shows throughout the school year. All of this while having FUN!!!