College Planning Testing Overview

College Guidance

Grade 9: EXPLORE (practice test for ACT)*

Grade 10: PLAN (practice test for ACT)*

Grade 11: PSAT (practice test for SAT)*, SAT and/or ACT*
Students generally take the SAT in March, May or June and the ACT in April or June.

Grade 12: SAT and/or ACT *
The SAT is available in October, November or December. The ACT is available in September, October, or December.

*Some students may take an Advanced Placement test or an SAT Subject Test. Please see your teacher or the Director of College Guidance for more information. While most colleged accept either the SAT or ACT, confirm the requirements of each college to which you're applying in advance. Testing guidelines can change from year to year. Always check the school website for the most up-to-date information.