Message from the Head of School

Welcome to The Pine School – home of the Knights!

The Pine School is the region’s premier college preparatory school dedicated to maintaining the original mission that has framed our institution for nearly half a century – knowing each child personally and fully supporting his or her development in character, academics, arts and athletics, through a strong partnership of students, faculty and parents.  We are known for our challenging core academic program, our noteworthy record of selective college admissions, compassionate educators, and a community where character matters and everyone is held to high expectations for their behavior as well as the moral and ethical dimensions of their decisions. 

It is an honor and a privilege for me to lead this dynamic and vibrant school community in our 47th year, a year in which our theme is All Knights together – Learning through Service. Our goal is to engage each person in the happiness of giving. Throughout my 25 years at The Pine School, this has always been a place with a special blend of teaching, learning and timeless values and now we can truly be a learning community together.

Whether you are hearing the sounds of laughter and learning from our youngest learners or experiencing the academic rigor of a high school AP course, I know you will be as impressed as I was more than two decades ago by the challenge and care our educators constantly provide for children, colleagues, and families.

To truly feel The Pine School difference, I invite you to visit us.  See what we do and why.  We would love to meet with you about your children, learn what your hopes are for them, and show you how the distinctive, relationship-based educational program The Pine School offers pairs with your dreams.

Phyllis Parker
Head of School

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